Communication Features

Some dating sites such as aim to give their members as many opportunities to communicate as possible. If you're a talkative person who likes to get to know people by engaging them verbally, communication oriented sites should be a solid choice for your personality. In contrast, compatibility matchmaking sites such as eHarmony only allow you to contact members that they have determined are suitable for you. These sites require you to use guided communication techniques to connect with potential matches so that you can learn important things about each other and let the relationship progress naturally. As a result, compatibility matching sites tend to offer fewer communication features than those that allow you to search independently.

Dating Site Icebreakers
Email Live chat Phone**
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Zoosk v_sign v_sign v_sign x_grey_sign
OurTime v_sign v_sign v_sign x_grey_sign
Eharmony v_sign v_sign x_grey_sign v_sign
howaboutwe v_sign v_sign x_grey_sign x_grey_sign

* A way for you to let another member know you liked their profile.

** Allows you to speak to other members without either of your revealing your real phone numbers.

Icebreakers, Winks and Flirts

Although they are referred to by different names on different dating sites, these terms all refer to a specific type of initial contact with a match. When you see an interesting profile you can send a virtual wink, flirt or icebreaker to announce that you're interested in communicating, without having to worry about finding the right words to express yourself. By providing you with friendly predetermined phrases, you can easily send a romantic message that might grab someone's attention.

Icon -dating -features has a small smiley face icon next to each profile you view. To wink at an interesting person, all you need to do is click on the smiley face to the right of his or her profile picture. Read full review of >>


Icon -dating -features
Zoosk makes winking very simple for users, putting the button right above the text editor for a message. It's almost as if they want to give you an option in case you can't think of exactly what you want to say. Just another way that Zoosk makes online dating fun and easy, taking the pressure off of first impressions. Read full review of Zoosk >>


Icon -dating -features
OurTime also has a very simple flirt option, activated by clicking a smiley face just below your match's profile pic. The site then prompts you to send a message to your new romantic interest to really get sparks flying. Read full review of >>
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