Customer Support

All online dating sites offer some form of customer support, but there are significant variances in the quality and availability of this support. We've tested the customer support of the top online dating services to see which ones offer reliable services and which ones fall short.

Phone Support

Dating Site Averge Hold Time Our Experience Our Comments
Chemistry _small none We found their phone representatives to be knowledgeable and professional, althought they could have been friendlier. Very Professional
Perfectmatch _logo _bg --- No phone support ---

Email Support

While we corresponded with the customer support of these dating sites on several instances, we found our experience with each one to be pretty consistent, whether good or bad. To give you a better picture, we conducted a test and presented our findings below.

Test: We sent an email to customer support at the top dating sites. We documented the amount of time it took each dating site to respond as well as the relevance of their answer.
Site Response Time Response Our Comments
Match _small -grey 4 minutes Chemistry -customer1
Enlarge Image
Automated but somewhat helpful
Eharmony _small 57Minutes Perfectmatch -customer1
Enlarge Image
Personalized, friendly and helpful
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