If you're solely looking for a long-term relationship, PerfectMatch may be the perfect online dating site for you. PerfectMatch is unique because it provides you with compatibility matches based on its proven Duet Compatibility Profile, as well as the ability to search for your own PerfectMatch. Another standout feature offered is a side by side comparison of all profiles that you discover during an independent search. With this analytical view of each profile you can make an educated, information-driven decision even as you let your heart guide you to your PerfectMatch.


Packages and Features

In addition to offering a free trial with fewer features, PerfectMatch also offers a Premium membership. All subscription membership plans come with Premium features.

Duration 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months
Price/Month $44.96/mo $29.95/mo $27.70/mo $21.71/mo

The primary advantage of Premium membership may be the ability to initiate and respond to correspondence from local matches. Premium members looking to get noticed will also benefit from search preference in member searches, meaning that people browsing singles will see you before non-paying members. Below is a list of features included in both packages:

Feature Free Trial Premium Plan
Receive match suggestions v_sign v_sign
Duet Compatibility Profile v_sign v_sign
Information about singles events and special
v_sign v_sign
Search for matches v_sign v_sign
"Ask Dr. Schwartz" personal question submission x_grey_sign v_sign
Additional photo capabilities x_grey_sign v_sign
Send icebreakers x_grey_sign v_sign
Respond to communication x_grey_sign v_sign
Initiate communication x_grey_sign v_sign
PerfectMatch guarantee x_grey_sign v_sign
Use of advanced search functions x_grey_sign v_sign
Unlimited profile access x_grey_sign v_sign
Preferred placement in search results x_grey_sign v_sign

Membership Base

  • PerfectMatch has over 4 million active profiles
  • PerfectMatch has a nearly 1:1 ratio of men to women, a rarity in the world of online dating
  • Married or separated adults are not eligible for PerfectMatch membership
  • Both heterosexual and homosexual singles can register for PerfectMatch
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How PerfectMatch Works

PerfectMatch's compatibility matching system will send you match suggestions whenever relevant. In addition, you may search the site yourself and examine the values, personality traits and preferences of all potential matches. A helpful and distinctive feature offered by PerfectMatch is the ability to compare your profile with a potential match's to determine whether a person of interest could be your ideal match. Once you've settled upon a profile that you like, you can send an icebreaker or direct email to the person of interest. You can also bookmark the profile for easy retrieval at a later time.

perfectmatch screenshot stage 1 PerfectMatch's icebreaker- you may choose 4 questions to send to a potential match
perfectmatch screenshot stage 2 How PerfectMatch compares your personality to a match's personality


The compatibility assessment offered by PerfectMatch was surprisingly accurate and helpful both in retrieving relevant matches and in guiding me during my personal search. Having PerfectMatch's compatibility information easily available took the guesswork out of the online dating process and made it possible to quickly weed out irrelevant options.

perfectmatch screenshot stage 7 My Duet Compatibility Results


Registration for PerfectMatch can take up to an hour to complete properly. The goal of PerfectMatch's questionnaire is to get a complete view of your entire personality, as well as what's important to you in life and in a relationship. The process begins with several pages of general multiple choice questions about your values, lifestyle choices and deal-breakers. You will then be asked to answer one page of questions in your own words. These free response questions touch upon your personal experiences such as your best memory and what inspires you.

perfectmatch screenshot stage 3 A sampling of the free response questions

Upon completion of the background questions, you will be asked to complete the 8-section Duet Compatibility Profile. The test was written by Dr. Pepper Schwartz based upon 35 years of studying qualities that are present in compatible matches. The sections evaluate your romantic impulsivity, personal energy, outlook, predictability, flexibility, decision making style, emotionality and self-nurturing. Each section contains 7 true or false questions. If at any time during your online dating experience you have personal questions, you can email Dr. Schwartz directly or browse through her advice column in search of guidance.

Customer Support

Like most other online dating sites, PerfectMatch offers customer service via an email submitted on the site. I sent an email to them at 1:20pm EST on a Sunday afternoon, and was surprised to receive a relevant and personal response at 2:17pm EST. The response included an email address to which I could address future inquiries. PerfectMatch offered praiseworthy customer service.

perfectmatch screenshot stage 4 PerfectMatch contact form
perfectmatch screenshot stage 5 PerfectMatch's perfect response to my inquiry
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PerfectMatch in the Media

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PerfectMatch offers a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy both a computerized matchmaking system and a searchable membership base. PerfectMatch gives you more for your money by providing two equally strong services, whereas most other dating sites offer only one strong dating option.

Positive Features

  • Highly compatible match suggestions
  • Nearly 1:1 ratio of men to women
  • Free personality assessment
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Ability to ask Dr. Schwartz for personal advice
  • Easy to manage potential matches
  • The ability to get matches via independent search and compatibility matching

Negative Features

  • Thorough registration process takes a while to complete
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