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ALikeWise Review

Have you ever been in a bookstore looking at a book and suddenly a person strikes up a conversation by making a comment on that book? Within minutes, you discover that the both of you like the same author. AlikeWise is an online dating site that was designed to work in the same way and is completely free to use. Users are paired up based on their favorite authors and the books that they like to read. The homepage has a modern interface with an orange and blue color theme. There is a photo gallery of users; each has a favorite book displayed along with a personal quote about that title. If you are searching for a literary love connection, you may find it on Alikewise.


How it works

To join this eclectic community that has users with a variety of book tastes, you will need to build a profile. Your first step is to create a profile tagline so others stop and take interest in your profile. Since this is a niche matchmaking site, use a quote from your favorite author or incorporate your book tastes into your tagline. Using the search feature on your profile page, you can find your favorite books and authors. The book that you select will be added to your profile and you will have the opportunity to tell others what that particular book meant to you.

You will also have the chance to share a bit of your personal story by adding a description of yourself and your personality. You can also share other information such as the first things people notice about you when they meet you, the bravest things you have done recently and the two things you can’t live without.  You can also select your physical attributes if you like such as personal style, hair color, hair texture, eye color and body type. Lastly, you can upload up to 3 photos to complete your profile.

If you are ready to search for your literary soul mate, use the Find People search feature, which lets you filter users through age range, book title, author, country and zip code. Your search results will include users that match your criteria as well as show you users related to the book or author that you selected. You also have the option of doing a Username search if you know the Alikewise name of the user you are seeking.

If you see someone that you like, you can write a comment on his or her wall, which is a good idea because it lets him or her know that you exist. You can also get a potential match’s attention by sending a personal message or suggesting a book. When you select the Suggest a Book option, the search/book feature pops up so you can instantly see a variety of books. If you see a book that you want to read while you are browsing through profiles, just click on the Buy From Amazon link besides the book. Alikewise makes it convenient to order any book that interests you with this feature.


For now, all of the features available on Alikewise are completely free but that may change in the future. Anyone that joins now is guaranteed to have 3 months of free service when Alikewise does begin to charge membership fees or for using certain features.

The Good…

This site is easy to navigate and it has a professional and streamlined look throughout

Alikewise is available in the United States, Australia, New Zeeland, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel

The Bad…

You may not find the book that you want to add to your profile because the search results don’t include all of the author’s work

And The Ugly



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