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Niche dating sites often bring together two people of a similar race or interest. But with, a common interest is people of other races looking for Asian matches. Although such a pairing seems to be the norm for the network, allows anyone to search for a match of any race. Plus, there’s a button at the top to easily translate all info into 12 different languages, allowing an opportunity for people from all over the world to find love on a niche site!

How it works

The search filters are set up to accommodate specific match preferences: An Asian woman can search through a list that gives her White, Dutch, or French men if that is her preference. She can rest assured that they are searching for her, because they are all on Although it can be harder for those of other ethnicities to find a match on this site, it’s not impossible. But again, the site’s main demographic is quite clearly white men and Asian women. has a clear layout and presents its information cleanly. Even users who are on the less tech-savvy side can easily navigate through the site’s options. Setting up a profile takes just a moment and a valid email address. Users can then answer as many or as few questions as they’d like to, and start browsing through profiles immediately. For those willing to put in the time, there is a detailed array of questions – from the amount of children living with you to zodiac sign.

When you browse the site, your matches are listed with standard thumbnails and the immediately visible info includes location, preferred age range and last site activity. But by clicking on a match, a tailored chart is revealed. This is a unique feature and can help expedite the process of finding matches that meet all preferences. In this chart, there is a list that shows the users answers to 6 basic categories: education, children, drink, smoke, religion and occupation. The list has two columns: “matches my criteria” and “I match their criteria”- so both parties can know that they match up with what the other is looking for. This is a fast and effective way to make the most of ones time on the site.


Like most dating websites, offers multiple levels of membership. Of course there is a standard (free) option, but there are also two paid options: Gold and Platinum. Those willing to shell out the cash can take advantage of some great perks like extra profile space and better profile placement. Though the prices are steep at the monthly rate, annual memberships are much more affordable.

Gold membership runs for $29.98 for one month, and Bronze is listed at $34.95. However, if you choose to purchase 3, 6, or 12 months, the rates go down, with the lowest gold rate being just $10 a month for 12 months.

For those willing to pay for a membership, this is a thorough site with lots of fun options-Platinum even includes video chatting. However, the site offers limited abilities for standard membership; free members can only chat with paid members, and only after the paid member starts to chat with them.

The Good…

2 million users is an impressive number for a niche site

The Bad…

Free members are in a passive role, waiting to be contacted.


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