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With over 209 million members, Badoo is the perfect site if you are looking for friendship, fun times, someone to chat with or a little romance. Nationally recognized by Glamour, Yahoo, Fast Company and The Business Insider, Badoo claims that it is the world’s largest online community. This fun social site greets users with a front page that has a picturesque beach scene and people dancing and having a great time. Since it’s not strictly a matchmaking site, Badoo encourages users to come back and continue to connect and meet new friends even if users find lasting romance.

How it works

As soon as you register using your e-mail address or through your Facebook account, Badoo gives you a few options to check if anyone you know is already a Badoo member. You could do an instant search using your e-mail address or your Facebook account to search for people.

Badoo Home Page
badoo Home Page

If you want to know how popular you are on the site, check out the popularity bar on your profile page. Beneath this bar, you can see the Badoo members who have visited your profile, rated your photos, clicked on the Like button on your profile, added you to a favorites list or made a comment.

If you are ready to check out other members’ profiles, you can head on over to the Encounters Game page. This Badoo feature displays a carousel of individuals along with their age in the center of the page. At the top, you get to choose a red heart if you are interested or a large blue X which means the opposite. It will also show the number of friends and interests that you share. When you see someone that you want to connect with, click on the Star icon and you can view more of their profile to learn more about him or her.

Badoo Profile Visitors Page
Badoo Profile Visitors Page
Badoo Profile Visitors Page

A unique feature that Badoo has that other social sites don’t are called Super Powers. These features can be purchased for a monthly fee or you can try them out for free when you invite 30 of your friends to join Badoo. Once you activate your Super Powers, you unlock a variety of premium features. Some of these Super Powers include one called Invisible Mode that lets you check out other members’ profiles without letting them know. Another useful Super Power is called Who Wants to Meet You which will reveal who has clicked on the red heart above your photo in the Encounters game. There is also a Super Power called Special Delivery that will get all of your email messages read ahead of any other emails.

Badoo Super Power Feature
Badoo Super Power Feature

Another awesome feature Badoo has is a chance to win virtual awards that are then displayed on your profile page. There are a variety of different rewards like “The Most Active People”, “The Chattiest People”, “The Hottest People”, “The Most Liked People” and “Badoo’s Top Voters”. There is also a progress bar to the right of the Award so you always know how close you are to getting that particular award.

Badoo “The Most Active People” Feature


Once you have uploaded photos, you are free to communicate with other members through e-mail, in forums or chat rooms, and instant messaging. When you subscribe, you are given Badoo Credits that allow you to send virtual gifts and flowers, increase your visibility in Encounters, have your photo instantly displayed in the Spotlight gallery and instantly make your profile more popular in the search results. Superpowers can be purchased with a one-time payment of $11.99 to $39.99 depending on how long you want these premium features to remain activated.

The Good…

Badoo is available on many different mobile platforms, making it easy to keep in touch

The Bad…

Unless you cancel your subscription for Badoo Credits, your credit card will be charged every month

And The Ugly

The Credit System could be difficult for new users to understand


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