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Beautiful People is an exclusive online dating site that strives to have members who are physically beautiful and wealthy. The main page is covered in physically attractive people that are using exotic animals as their own personal accessories. One might get the sense that only cool good-looking people are allowed on this site and everyone else is unwelcome. On Beautiful People, it’s the current members that control who is allowed to become a member and who isn’t physically attractive enough to join in the fun.

How it works

Your first step in gaining entry into Beautiful people is to upload a photo so others can assess your beauty. You can’t proceed any further until you upload a photo. With a site so focused on beauty, this is a number one priority. Then you need to find your country on a drop-down menu because Beautiful People is available to users that are outside the United States. To set your location, a large map will pop up and you have to move a green pointer to your current location. Once your current location has been set, you can move on to building your profile. A screen of drop-down menus pops up and you are then to select the answer that best describes your appearance and your lifestyle. There are drop-down menus for your physical characteristics, smoking preferences, relationship status, field of work and education. Then you need to select the reason that you want to be a Beautiful People member like for fun and flirts, business networking, love, social networking or because you want to gain invitations to exclusive parties and events. An activation e-mail will be sent to you so you can activate your account and then you will be taken to your profile. At this point you are considered an applicant and other Beautiful People members will be deciding your fate.

Beautifulpeople Home Page
beautifulpeople Home Page

One of the interesting features of Beautiful People that sets them apart from other matchmaking sites is that you are not able to buy a subscription. Instead, other members of the opposite sex will vote on your photo for 48 hours and decide whether you are attractive enough to become a Beautiful People member. If you want to see how your photo is being rated, click on the Beautiful People link at the top of your profile page and you are instantly taken to a page with a large countdown clock. It’s a very transparent dating process because you are always able to see how your photo is being rated at the current moment.

Beautifulpeople Voting System
Beautifulpeople Voting System

Another useful feature is the activity stream that keeps you updated on what other members have been doing in real-time. This activity stream shows you when current members make changes to their profile like editing their profile in some way or when they have added new photos. You can even check out what members in another country have been up to by selecting a different country.


Unfortunately, until you have been voted in as a member, you are limited to viewing the profiles of the top-rated members, newest members, members in your area and the latest applicants but can’t search for specific characteristics. You are also unable to interact with other Beautiful People members. Even if you see someone that you are interested in, you won’t even be able to send a virtual wink to him or her. Once you have been voted through, you will be able to search through the profiles of other members, send and receive emails, invite members to chat online and add members to your favorite list. You will also be invited to exclusive social parties and events that will allow you to meet other Beautiful People members in real-life.

The Good…

You won’t have to search endlessly for a good-looking dating prospect because all the members are attractive

The Bad…

There isn’t a verification process that ensures that the uploaded photo is the actual person

The Ugly…

For a matchmaking site putting so much weight on beauty, there is a major lack of interesting graphics, which makes the site look very dull


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