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For many people, the Catholic religion is a major focus in their life. They believe the Holy Spirit guides them through the up and downs of life. If this describes you, then your ideal match may be waiting to meet you on Catholic Match. Highly endorsed by prominent Catholics, this online dating service is for single people that are looking for a long-term relationship with a partner that has the same religious beliefs. The homepage has a couple facing the alter on their wedding day in a Catholic church. If you are wondering if anyone has been successful in finding a partner on Catholic Match, scroll down the page and there are numerous testimonials from happy couples that have discovered the love of their life on Catholic Match. If you are ready to meet someone that lives their life based on the principles of the Catholic religion, its time to try Catholic Match.

How it works

Your first step to register for a Catholic Match account is to provide your name, gender, e-mail address, country and zip code. Then you will arrive on a Welcome page that asks you for your last name, marital status and birthdate in order to complete your account registration.

The next step is to complete a section called Basics that consists of questions about your background, religious beliefs, the frequency that you practice your faith, the acceptance of certain Catholic Church teachings (contraception, pre-marital sex, sanctity of life and Immaculate Conception), personal habits and physical characteristics. You can choose not to answer some of these questions by selecting Get to Know Me Better. After you go through the Basics section, you can upload photos of yourself or choose to skip this part of the profile-building process.

Once you have worked your way through that section, you are given the chance to write an introduction using your own words. If you need a bit of help, Catholic Match provides a couple of prompts to make it easier for you such as “What are you passionate about?, What do you look forward to the most?, What experiences and people have been influential in your life? What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?”


Next is an optional feature called Add Favorites that gives you the opportunity to add all your hobbies, interests and passions. It is a long menu of favorite things such as foods, music, books, travel, media, activities and faith. You can share your favorite thing from that category or select an answer from several choices given to you.

Once you have completed that last section, you can search through profiles for your ideal match. With a basic membership, you can do a basic search with criteria such as age range, gender location, photos available and favorite things. Or if you prefer you can do an advanced search and select the criteria for your ideal match like height, body type, education, race, smoking and drinking preference and religious practices.


If you see someone that you like and want to get the user’s attention, there is an Emotigram feature that allows you to send an emotigram like a butterfly, smiley face, rosary, a cup of coffee or a lady bug. Once you upgrade your subscription, you can send a personalized message along with the emoticon. You can also add this user to a Favorites list.


There are also Discussion Forums that lets you read posts from other users about a variety of different topics like love, life, religion and politics. Unfortunately, you will not be able to post a new topic or post replies until you upgrade your subscription.

A helpful feature that can help you find your ideal match is Match Portrait, which is a lengthy survey about your relationship style, general disposition in life and towards other people, personality attributes and self-interests. Your answers will be compared to other members. Your answers will help Catholic Match find compatible partners for you that may result in a lasting marriage.


With a basic membership, you are limited to sending emotigrams and adding users to your Favorites list. If you want to interact with users on Catholic Match, its necessary to purchase a premium membership. This upgrade will unlock benefits such as the ability to have private chats plus you can send and receive unlimited e-mails and instant messages. You will also be able to participate in chat rooms and forums. If you subscribe for 3 months or 6 months, you will also receive a discounted renewal rate saving you between 33% to 58%.

Length 6 Months 3 Months 1 Months
Cost $12.49/mo $19.95/mo $29.95/mo

The Good…

Although Catholic Match has a simple interface, it can keep you busy and entertained with different assessments and surveys while you navigate the site.

The Bad…

The assessments that you take are rather long and can get tedious after a while.

The Ugly…



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