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If you are tired of browsing through thousands of profiles and haven’t had any luck in finding a real relationship, Compatible Partners wants to help you in your search for Mr or Mrs. Right. This matchmaking site for lesbian and gay singles understands it takes far more than just a lot of luck and browsing through thousands of profiles to find an everlasting relationship. Compatible Partners uses a powerful patented matchmaking technology from the scientists of eHarmony to bring singles together that desire a long-term relationship. Users are greeted with a front page that has a smiling gay couple who were able to find happiness by using Compatible Partners. A personalized approach that analyzes all the facets of your personality may be just what you need to find lasting love.

How it works

To find you an ideal match, Compatible Partners requires you to take a lengthy questionnaire so they can pinpoint your attitude, personality, values and your overall general disposition towards life and relationships. The first part in the questionnaire is made up of a long series of words that will be displayed such as “warmth, outgoing, quarrelsome, affectionate, energetic and predictable” and you have to choose how much that word describes you on a scale from Not At All to Very Well. After you work your way through that list, you will be asked to select four words that your friends would use to describe you such as “spontaneous, kind, creative, perceptive and articulate” from a large collection of words. As you work your way through this questionnaire, remember just to be yourself and answer as honestly as possible because it’s the only way you can find someone that you really click with.

compatiblepartners Home Page
compatiblepartners Home Page

The second part is to answer questions that reflect the way you live your life. Once again, statements will be displayed such as “I take time out for others, I love to help others, I get stressed out easily and I often make others feel good” and you have to choose how much that statement describes you from a scale of Not At All to Very Well.. The third part of the questionnaire has to do with your feelings so a series of words are displayed like “sad, hopeful, angry, fearful about the future, calm and fortunate” and you have to choose how often you have felt that particular feeling in the past month on a scale from Rarely to Almost Always. You will also be asked about your interests in movies, listening to music, watching TV, parties, reading and traveling. Once again, choose how interested you are in that activity from No Interest to Very Strong Interest.

The fourth part of the questionnaire is about your relationship skills. and basically how you feel you should treat your partner. You will be asked questions like how important in a relationship are things like “sexual compatibility, enjoying physical closeness with your partner and spending as much time as you can with your partner” from a scale of Not Important to Very Important.

Lastly, you will be asked several questions to build your Compatible Partners profile about your education level, your profession, personal income (kept private from matches), height and personal appearance. You will answer the same kind of questions about your ideal match. You will also have the option to upload a photo from Facebook or your computer so others get to know you.

A very helpful feature about Compatible Partners is that you receive an in-depth personality profile after you have finished the entire questionnaire, which thoroughly analyzes your questionnaire responses and gives you insights about your unique personality and character. After you subscribe, you can even share this personality profile with your matches so they learn a lot more about you. The matches you receive will be based on your responses from the questionnaire.


You are unable to interact with your matches until you subscribe to a Compatible Members plan. You are only allowed to view the names and profiles of your matches but not their photos. You can e-mail one icebreaker which is a pre-written sentence you could use like “Id love to chat, Just want to say hi, Your profile bought a smile to my face, and Wink!”. Once you subscribe, you will be able to view profiles, view photos and communicate with your matches through instant messages and emails.

Length 12 Months 6 Months 3 Months
Cost $23.95/mo $36.95/mo $39.95/mo

The Good…

The extensive personality profile can help you develop self-awareness, and reveals how others perceive you.

The Bad…

This site lacks any fun online dating games that can help you get to know a potential match better.


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