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Many college students will choose their career over dating because they just don’t have the time to search for a special someone as they pursue their dreams. Date My School offers a solution to this common problem by offering a matchmaking service exclusively for current students, graduates and alumni that are searching for love or new friends. When you check out Date My School, you can watch a mini-movie that explains how difficult it is to meet new people while you are in college. If you’re a college student wanting to meet someone that is educated, career-oriented and understands the challenges of being in college, Date My School is worth a try.

How it works

To become a member of Date My School, you will need a university address. If you don’t have this type of address, you will be unable to proceed any further. If you forgot your university address because it’s been years since you have been in school, then write in the name of your university that you used to attend and Date My School will verify this information. After your account has been verified you will have to make a screenname, and select your birthdate from a drop-down menu. Next you need to upload a photo that shows your face. This is a requirement by Date My School to ensure the safety of their members. Date My School claims it is the safest place on earth because they verify every single user that becomes a member.

Datemyschool Home Page
Datemyschool Home Page

Since Date My School understands that some students may not want others from their contact list to know they are using an online dating site, they designed a Privacy Center. In the Privacy Center, you determine the age range and the type of students that can view your profile. You get to select the particular university where you want to meet someone or the school type such as arts and sciences, law, business or medicine. It will also show you the users, contacts, and locations that you have blocked. When you are finished, a blue ring in the center will display the percentage of people that are able to see you.

Datemyschool “My Answers” Feature

Next you can proceed to build your profile by writing a description about yourself along with sharing the things that you like and dislike. You can also finish this sentence “Please write me (or not) if…” to give users insights about the type of person you are looking for. You can also tell others the distance that you are willing to search and what you are looking for such as friendship, fun, short-term dating, long-term dating, cuddling or networking.

A unique feature on your profile page is called My Answers which allows you to answer multiple-choice questions from different categories like “friends and family, going out, school, tastes, lifestyle and religion”. The answers to your questions are saved and displayed on your profile so other users can get to know you. Your answers are only visible if the other person answers the same question. You can always skip over questions if you prefer not to answer or edit your answers later.

Datemyschool “Check ‘Em Out” Feature


Without a subscription, you are restricted to viewing profiles but can’t interact with other users besides starring them. Upgrading your Date My School subscription will unlock features that allow you to chat with users through instant messaging or emails. You can contact as many people as you like and send an unlimited number of messages once you purchase a subscription. You can see who has starred your photo and viewed your profile. You will also be notified when an e-mail you sent has been read. If you are able to get a friend to subscribe to Date My School, you receive 1 month free of an upgraded subscription.

Length 24 Months 6 Months 1 Month
Cost $3/mo $9/mo $19/mo

The Good…

The extensive personality profile can help you develop self-awareness, and reveals how others perceive you.

The Bad…

This site lacks any fun online dating games that can help you get to know a potential match better.

The Ugly…

This site does not have any interesting graphics so users may get bored easily.


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