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FounderDating Review

Anyone that has built a company from the ground up will tell you that searching for a co-founder is one of the most difficult challenges that you will face. Enter FounderDating. This matchmaking site has nothing to do with finding love and everything to do with finding great business partners. FounderDating is an online network of talented individuals that has been featured in MIT Technology Review, ReadWriteWeb and Business Week. The FounderDating homepage has a black and light blue color scheme and a slideshow of cofounders along with personal quotes from each individual. If you are looking for a community of exceptional co-founders, entrepreneurs and advisors, join FounderDating.


How it works

Your first step in creating a FounderDating profile is to register using your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, you will need to create it because you will be unable to proceed further. Then you are required to select any titles that describe you such as “Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, Big Co Exec or Startup Exec” so others know more about your experience. You can also select the reasons you are joining FounderDating such as starting a side project, networking with entrepreneurs, advising entrepreneurs or finding a cofounder.

Your next step is to select your primary skillset from a list which includes fundraising, industrial design, business development, marketing, engineering and ad sales. You can also select the primary skillset that you want in a cofounder. You will have the opportunity to describe the project or idea that you are currently working on in detail. If you don’t have an idea, you can share your interests and background so others know the things that you like working on. You can also select the markets that most interest you from a long list, which includes fashion, hardware, dating, healthcare, travel and commerce.

Since FounderDating personally screens every user to ensure there is an equal balance of quality and skillsets, you will need to provide 2 or more emails of people that can vouch for your skills and background. Think of people that know you well like an advisor, mentor, current co-founder, professor or co-worker.

When you are ready to search for an advisor or a co-founder, you can quickly do a basic search by choosing criteria like skill set, location and market of interest. Alternatively, you can do an advanced search by using criteria like school, employer, affiliations, idea stage and availability. If you see a cofounder that you want to meet, you won’t be able to send a Ping or a message until you upgrade. However, if the user is an advisor, you are free to communicate through e-mail and send a Ping to alert them of your interest.

A helpful feature on FounderDating is a blog that has articles from advisors and investors that cover all aspects of starting a business. You can glean valuable information that can help you grow your business or get tips on selecting the right founding team. Another feature is a talk forum where you are free to ask questions, discuss issues that you are facing, offer solutions to problems or share articles and resources. FounderDating also has an Advisor Agreement template that they recommend you use within the third and sixth meeting with your advisor so that you and the other party are clear about your relationship terms.


The cost for a FounderDating membership is a yearly fee.

The Good…

You can meet advisors and entrepreneurs that can help make your business successful

The forum allows you to openly discuss important things related to your business

The Bad…

They send e-mail out to your entire Linkedin contact list pretending to be you

And The Ugly

Most of the text on the interface was light grey and very small which some people may have a problem reading


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