The List Reviews Feature Comparison Articles How We Rate Review is a lower-pressure dating website with a social networking feel and only will require you to come out of pocket $10.95 per month – this includes unlimited messages, instant messaging, video-chat and other perks. is currently offering a special for Gold Members that includes 2 free months with a 6 month membership. Gold members also currently receive free private chat room access for the duration of their membership. With many other mainstream dating sites, there is a strong emphasis on ultimately finding someone to marry or at least date for an extended amount of time, but even FriendFinder’s name suggests a more casual feel. After all, its slogan is “Have fun, meet people, and find love.”

How it works

FriendFinder’s instant messaging system is reminiscent of AOL instant messenger and other popular chatting platforms. Users are able to add people they know and reach out to new potential friends and significant others; the site allows prospective friends to send a message with their friend request. “Flirts” are a great way to show interest before engaging in a text conversation.

Webcam video-chat is a great feature- and not terribly common on dating sites, so it’s a great plus that FriendFinder offers it. As opposed to just text chatting, which is also available on the site, video-chatting enables prospective matches to see if one another’s profile photos depict them as they currently are. Additionally, chemistry can be difficult to assess via message. Hearing the other person’s voice and looking them in the eye is a bonus when deciding whether or not to meet up. Using video chat makes the meet-up process safer; you can chat for a few days or weeks until you are comfortable meeting, and you can feel confident that you haven’t spent weeks getting to know someone you won’t ultimately have chemistry with.

For those with any hesitation about venturing into a video-chat, premium members have the ability to post videos. Staying true to the ways of social networking, users on the site may rate member videos based on a five star system. Anyone looking for an extra boost even beyond Gold member status can become a VIP member, which makes your profile even more visible on the site, and offers celebrity status.

FriendFinder Home Page
FriendFinder Home Page

For those that want to go beyond interacting, the community tab offers a gateway to FriendFinder’s blogs, groups, and magazine, where you can read the thoughts of fellow FriendFinder users, and reply to their blog entries. All in all, the features offered create a comprehensive social networking site: all the appeal of Facebook, with the incentive that all of the users are likely to be looking for friendship, and quite possibly more.


Those who join as free members are afforded the opportunity to use a few premium features. Registered users who opt for the free membership can send up to 5 messages a day, and reply to an unlimited amount. Chat rooms are also available to all members, free and paid. Paid members may send unlimited messages, flirts, and voice messages. Monthly membership rates vary from $10.95 to $34.95 a month, depending on the level and duration.

Like other compatibility matching services, eHarmony provides a personality analysis that probes into different aspects of your character. eHarmony’s personality profile was accurate in describing me as a person, and I felt the evaluation offered more focused insights into a greater number of personality traits than any other questionnaire.

The Good…

Free members have some access to some premium features like sending messages and visiting chat rooms

The Bad…

May not be the best choice for someone looking for a serious relationship

And The Ugly

Comparable to other dating sites, half a million active users is relatively low


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