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GayRomeo Review

With over a million active members worldwide, Gay Romeo is a great dating site to try if you are looking for a hot guy to hook up with or someone that you can share the rest of your life with. Users are greeted with a photo of physically attractive males with the words “Planet Romeo” across the top of the page. This is a matchmaking site for gay, bi-sexual and transgender guys that want to add a bit of excitement in their life by meeting someone new. Since Gay Romeo is very popular, there are thousands of active international users online that you could connect with.


How it works

Gay Romeo has a unique registration feature in comparison to other online dating sites. You can choose to register as an individual, which will give you a standard profile. Or you can register as a club and you will be considered the Club Manager or the Club Administrator and other users can join you. Creating a club is a good choice when you have a special interest such as playing golf or a foot fetish and you want to meet others that share that interest. Another option is to register as an Escort when you want to provide erotic services to members and you would like a way to connect with new clients. Or you can register to be a part of the guide which is a place where companies, professionals and groups can promote their products to other users.

After you register your account, you arrive at the registration page. On this page, you will need to choose the body stats that describe you from several drop-down menus such as weight, eye color, body hair, piercings, tattoos and height. Check the boxes that indicate whether you are searching for a “sex date, friendship or relationship so users know the reason you are on Gay Romeo. You will also get to choose how far you are willing to search for a partner like within a certain city, state, continent or planet.

Next you will need to create a catchy headline that will go at the top of your profile. This headline will be visible in search results so write a headline that will generate some interest in your profile. After you have finished writing your headline, you have the opportunity to write any other information that you want other users to know about you. Be creative and think of something that makes you stand out from the rest of the millions of Gay Romeo users. When you have finished working on this section, select your sexual preferences and sexual fetishes from a couple of drop-down menus. Continue to add information to your profile by selecting character traits that describe you such as “creative chaos”, party animal, shy, well planned or stay-at-home”. You can also upload up to 25 photos on your profile page.

When you are finished working on your profile, you can check out different profiles by selecting the type of search that you want. There are a variety of different searches that you can perform such as “all recently registered members, all users online or users in a certain country”. You are also able to do a specific search by selecting the things that you are looking for in a match such as a certain physical characteristics or preference in sports, interests, music and clubbing. There is also a gallery of photos on the welcome page that is frequently updated and will show any new users in your area.

If you find a user that you would like to chat with, you can send him an instant message even without a subscription. You can initiate conversations and send an unlimited amount of instant messages, which is awesome when you are trying to get to know someone online. Gay Romeo understands that it can take time to find a perfect match so they also let you search and view all the information on profiles when you have a basic membership.


Upgrading to a Gay Romeo PLUS membership will unlock many fun features like one called Radar that does a search and locates users for you and filters them by the “nearest to you, newest users and last online. Another feature you unlock is a PLUS icon that tells other users that you proudly support Gay Romeo and fully accept the gay lifestyle. Another feature you unlock is the ability to sign into your account without other users knowing. There is also a feature that is called See Everything which means you will have access to hardcore profile photos that are not available to users with a basic membership.

The Good…

Gay Romeo is an accepting community where all sexual preferences, fantasies and fetishes are welcome

The Bad…

The site is cluttered and difficult to navigate

And The Ugly

It can be difficult to read the information on the site because the text is bright yellow


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