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If you are looking for someone that shares your passion in healthy living and an active lifestyle, Go Sporty is the place to be. Thousands of singles are finding love on this matchmaking site where blossoming new romances are making heartbeats rise. With a bold and energetic color theme and a couple happily jogging together on the beach, Go Sporty welcomes users that want to find a special someone to enjoy physical activities with. If you are tired of dating people that prefer sitting on a couch watching endless hours of television while you would much rather go on a hike and enjoy the beauty of nature, it’s time to become a Go Sporty member.

How it works

The first step in the registration process is to find the activity that you enjoy doing in the Activities box. Even though this is a fitness matchmaking site, don’t worry if you aren’t an elite athlete with a rigid exercise regime. Go Sporty still wants you to join even if you enjoy mild activities like romantic walks. You can add up to sixteen activities so think of all the things that make up your active lifestyle and keep adding them. Select your birthdate and age and you are on your way to building your profile.

Gosporty Home Page
gosporty Home Page

The first thing you notice at the top of your profile page will be the heart and bell icon that can be found on every page. The bell icon will alert you when you have new notifications like when you have received a new e-mail, have been rated by a member or have had a profile visitor. The heart icon will alert you when another member has shown you some virtual love which is a way to flirt on Go Sporty.

Another interesting feature that Go Sporty has is called a Discover page which shows you a variety of different profiles that match the ideal match criteria you had selected earlier. You can rate members from 1 to 5 on the Discover page by clicking the tiny gold stars that can be found above their photo. Do you see someone that you want to connect with? Click on the heart icon besides his photo to send him or her some virtual love which will make the small beige heart turn bright red. Check out his or her profile and you can learn more about them and view any profile pictures he or she has.

Go Sporty also has a People page where you can see members that you rated and viewed. You can also see who has been checking out your profile. Unfortunately, until you upgrade to Pro membership, you will be unable to view the profiles of your profile visitors or email anyone on your People page. You also can’t read any e-mails that you receive from Go Sporty members until you purchase a subscription.

If you want to search the Go Sporty community, head to the Search page where an entire gallery of members are displayed. You can also narrow down your search by doing an advanced search. This type of search will only display members that match the criteria that you have selected such as a certain body type, sports activity, eye color or smoking preference. You can also specify how many miles you want to search for a match. If you find someone that you want to connect with, make the first move by sending him a high five which is another virtual flirt available without a subscription.


Like many other matchmaking sites, you really can’t do much on Go Sporty without upgrading to a Pro membership. The free membership will only allow you to send high fives or virtual love along with search through profiles. Purchasing a membership will allow you to read, receive and send email to other members. You can also chat in real-time with other members that are hanging out online. Memberships ranges from an admittedly pricey $34.95/mo for 1 month to $14.95/mo for 6 months.

The Good…

Profile pages are easy to navigate so you learn a lot of information about other members

The Bad…

Go Sporty lacks any attention-grabbing graphics after the home page

The Ugly…

There aren’t any other interesting activities to keep users engaged more than a few minutes on the site


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