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Nationally recognized by top magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Cosmopolitan, Great Expectations offers services unlike typical online dating sites. The layout for Great Expectations is very modernized with brightly colored graphics and an exciting color theme. This matchmaking service is for those who are serious about finding true love. You can view the testimonials from couples that have found lasting relationships or read success stories from other members. With 35 years of matchmaking experience, chances are Great Expectations’ relationship professionals can find you your ideal match.

How it works

The way that Great Expectations works is quite different from what you would expect from a dating site. It understands the challenges that frequently occur on online dating sites such as fake profile photos or users lying about their weight and age, so the website has chosen to integrate a very personalized screening process before you are able to join. Your first step is to call a toll-free number and speak with a relationship professional or send an email using the attached contact form. Then a meeting will be arranged so you can meet a relationship professional face to face and go through an interview.

GreatExpectations Home Page
GreatExpectations Home Page

Every member has to go through this interview so that information such as age, appearance and other pertinent information can be verified. A background check is also performed because safety is one of Great Expectations’ main priorities. This careful selection process means that you don’t have to worry that the person you want to get to know better is misrepresenting his or herself. The website’s relationship professional will also create a videography of you, given they maintain current videographies of all their members so that everyone is accurately represented. So rest assured, Great Expectations goes above and beyond to make sure you won’t have the problem that many other online daters have such as being disappointed that your date doesn’t look like what you were expecting.

GreatExpectations Sign Up Form
GreatExpectations Sign Up

Once you become a member, you will have access to profile information, photos and videos of other single members that match your interests. Not only that, but Great Expectations also offers unique services such as singles cruises so you can set sail to amazing locations while looking for your special someone. Since the website is dedicated to finding you true love, it will cater to your needs and create a singles cruise that meets your ideal mate criteria. Along with cruises, Great Expectations offer many fun matchmaking events such as wine tasting, happy hour, speed dating and sporting events.

GreatExpectations Single Sporting Events
GreatExpectations Single Sporting Events

Another way that Great Expectations differentiates from other matchmaking sites is that they offer Dating Concierge Service. Since it understand the needs of single working professionals, it knows that there are many times where life is too hectic to manage dating needs like finding a babysitter, picking up dry cleaning, getting event tickets, arranging a wake-up call or making dinner reservations. Through the Great Expectations Concierge Service, all of these needs are conveniently taken care of for you in a single phone call so you are stress-free before your big date.

GreatExpectations Dating Concierge Service
GreatExpectations Dating Concierge Service


Since this an exclusive membership only dating site, you will need to speak with one of Great Expectations’ relationship professionals who will be more than happy to explain its services in great detail with you. The cost of these unique matchmaking services aren’t revealed on their website. Cost will vary depending on the services that you are interested in.

The Good…

Great Expectations offers a very helpful relationship team that is willing to go the extra mile to help you find your ideal mate

The Bad…

There isn’t any information on the website about how much these matchmaking services will cost

The Ugly…

The long membership process might make some feel like they’re applying for a job


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