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Grouper Review

Grouper’s goal is to help people make meaningful connections in real life. It is a new online dating app that was designed around the concept of group dating. Rather than experiencing online dating behind a computer monitor or cell phone and exchanging countless e-mails and online chats with matches, it forces users to log off and experience their match in real life. Grouper’s homepage has a modern interface with several photos displaying the different pages of the app. Some people gain new friends, casual flings or long-term relationships from using Grouper. If you want to bring along your friends on your date, this is the perfect app for you.

How it works

To join this social club community, you will need to install the app on your iPhone and then sign in with Facebook. You will be asked a few questions about your preferences for a date location, topics of conversations that interest you and the type of match you are looking for. Grouper then gathers information from your Facebook profile such as your interests, age, career and educational background to find you a match that you are most likely to be compatible with. The next step is to select two friends that you would like to have along on your blind date. As of now, this app is not available for androids but it’s possible to invite friends that don’t have an iPhone. A standardized email will be sent to your friends inviting them to participate on your Grouper date. Grouper works by pairing you with a match and then each of you bring two other friends to be your wingmen/women so it becomes a three-way blind date.

The notification feature alerts you when someone that you liked is also interested in you. You can be matched up with random users as well as with friends of your friends. Many users consider Grouper a dating concierge service because it schedules the date and time for you, picks a trendy date location and keeps track of your friends that have confirmed that they are going on your Grouper date. In addition to that, it makes reservations for the event as well as picking up the tab for everyone’s first drinks at the bar. It’s great that Grouper pays for drinks because if the date is going badly and you are looking for an escape, you don’t need to worry about who’s paying for what.

If you are tired of endless messaging that is very common in online dating sites, then this app is ideal for you. There isn’t a way to communicate with other users through typical online dating features such as e-mail or instant messaging. Grouper sends texts and e-mails to everyone that is involved in the date, taking care of all the details for you.

Grouper builds up anticipation for the date by letting you in on very few details. You won’t know the location or exact time until the day before the date. You also won’t know which one of your matches you are going to be meeting with in real life. This prevents users from forming any sort of judgment which most daters usually make after doing a bit of research prior to meeting a match in real life like googling the other person’s name, checking out their LinkedIn profile and searching Facebook to get an idea of the other person. Grouper is a truly blind date experience in every sense of the word.


The cost of using Grouper is twenty dollars per person for each date that you go on.

The Good…

Grouper takes care of all the pre-planning details of the date.

Grouper picks up the tab for drinks at the bar.

The Bad…

As of now, Grouper is only available in New York.

And The Ugly




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