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Jess, Meet Ken Review

In your search for true love, you may have met a great guy-he’s good looking, intelligent and knows how to treat a lady. Although it may not have worked out with him, you just know he would be the perfect Mr. Right for someone else. If this sounds like you, head on over to Jess, Meet Ken. This dating website caters to women that want to help their guy friends find a long-term relationship as well as to single women looking for a great guy. Jess, Meet Ken greets users with a visually-pleasing homepage along with photos of members. If you are single or have a guy friend that needs help finding his ideal match, try Jess, Meet Ken.

How it works

To join this new community of female matchmakers where women have all the control, you will need to log-in with your Facebook account to create a profile. Jess, Meet Ken uses Facebook to collect information about you and your single male friends such as age, location and photos. Jess, Meet Ken won’t ever post any information about your activities on their site to Facebook.

Your first task is to choose which male friend you would like to recommend to other women. You will then be asked a series of multiple-choice questions about his personality, profession, intelligence, relationship status, ethnicity, handsome-scale rating, religion and how you met him. You will also have the chance to write the reasons that you think your friend is still available and why you think he’s a great catch.

The next section will ask you if you are single or just posting a guy. If you are single, you will need to answer questions about your personality, high maintenance level, religion, education level and profession. Then you can write a personal description about yourself to give others the scoop about the real you.

Once your profile is created, you can choose whether you want to search for guys for you or girls for your guy. If you are looking for girls for your friend, you just need to choose the location and age range. If you see a girl that you want him to meet, you can send a personal message to that member after you upgrade your subscription. You can also have Jess, Meet Ken send her an invite to check out your friend’s profile.

If you are single and looking for a guy, once again just choose the location and the age range. When you find someone that you like, you can send personal messages to that member or to the woman that posted that guy after you upgrade your subscription.

A helpful feature on Jess, Meet Ken is Manage My Guys which will keep track of all of the guys that you have posted. It will also show you mutual friends so you can invite friends to write an endorsement for that guy. A feature that can help other members notice you is the MatchMaker Status badge. You can earn this pink badge on your profile by posting a guy, writing endorsements and introducing him to another member.


Jess, Meet Ken offers new members a free 15 day trial if they post a guy. After that, you will need to purchase a subscription to send messages. There are four membership plans available: the twelve month plan is $14.99 a month, the six month plan is $19.99 a month, the three month plan is $29.99 a month and the one month plan is $39.99 a month.

The Good…

Less chance of running into creepy guys as you search for Mr. Right.

You can search for guys as well as sign up guy friends that you know.

The Bad…

The site is still in a beta phase so you may run into minor technical problems.

And The Ugly

Some people will hype-up their friends no matter what, so expect occasional bias.


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