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Originating in the late ’80’s when neon-colored legwarmers were cool and paint-splattered parachute pants were a fashion must-have, Lavalife continues to be a major leader in bringing singles together. With a fiery bold color scheme, the front page has a large collage of members of all ages and lifestyles welcoming new users to the site. Lavalife is for singles that are new to the world of online dating and for those that have tried other online dating sites without success. With over 10 million members and that number growing daily, Lavalife may hold the key to your next new romance, hookup or friendship.

How it works

After registering on Lavalife with a screenname, date of birth and your location, you will arrive at your Home Page. One of the features that makes Lavalife stand apart from typical matchmaking websites is that there are different communities that you can join such as Dating, Relationship and Intimate. You can create up to 3 distinct profiles and use different screennames, opening lines, profile information and photos for each one.

Choose a community that you want to join and begin to build your Lavalife profile. The first step is to create an opening line that makes users stop and take interest in your profile. After writing your tagline, you can share interesting information about yourself in the In Your Own Words section. Depending on the community that you chose, the next section will contain different statements and you have to select the answer from drop-down menus to finish the sentences. If you chose the Dating community, you will answer statements such as “My idea of a fun date.., I like to talk about.., and My friends would describe me as..”. If you would rather be a part of the Relationship community, the statements will be “My idea of romance includes.., In my spare time I enjoy.., and I value…”. On the other hand, if you chose the Intimate community, this section will give you the opportunity to share details such as “encounters that you are open to, what really turns you on and what you are looking for in a partner”.

Regardless of the community that you have joined, there will be a personal info section. You select the answers from various drop-down menus about your body type, weight, ethnic background, education and religion. Or you can select “prefer not to say” on any of those details but members searching using that criteria will not be able to find you. The next component that can help draw attention to your profile is a photo. A helpful feature that sets Lava Life apart from other online dating sites is the Backstage area. If you only want certain users to see your photos, you can assign your photos to the Backstage area which is a private photo gallery. You can give any user access to that private photo gallery by giving them a Backstage Pass through e-mail or instant message. You can revoke his or her Backstage privileges at any time.

If you are ready to search for a special someone, Lavalife has very helpful features to make this process easier for you. There are different types of searches you can use such as “only local members, only new members, only online members or only members in a certain location”. Along with using a certain type of search, you can select a specific criteria like age, zodiac sign, drinking habits, interests, body type and online activity. Hit the LIKE link next to his or her photo to show them that you are interested. You will not be able to initiate a conversation with any user without upgrading your subscription.

Lavalife “New Alerts” Feature

Another great feature on Lavalife is called New Alerts which is a notification system on the top of every page that alerts you when a member is interested in your profile and when you receive an email or instant message. There is also a feature called Who’s Viewed Me that is unlocked with a subscription that alerts you when members have really taken the time to view your profile page and not just glanced at it for a second.


Without a subscription, you are able to reply to e-mails and instant messages that you receive. It’s also free to send an unlimited amount of LIKEs to other members. With a subscription, you are able to initiate chat conversations and send unlimited instant messages. You are also able to send e-mails to anyone that you are interested in. You can also discover who has taken an interest in you with the Who’s Viewed Me feature.

Length 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month
Cost $10/mo $15/mo $20/mo

The Good…

The privacy controls lets you choose how much attention you want to receive from other users.

The Bad…

There aren’t any icebreaker games that can make it easier for members to strike up a conversation.


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