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If you are in search of a deeper relationship, this is the ideal time to try Even if you aren’t quite sure if you are ready for a long-term commitment, you can be paired up with members who are looking for something less serious like friendship or a casual relationship. This matchmaking service uses a scientific algorithm that uses all the qualities that you are looking for in a partner to match you up with compatible members. The layout for Matchmaker appears streamlined, which makes it easy to navigate even if you are new to dating websites.

How it works

Unlike other flashy sites that use brightly colored graphics, this site has a more low-key look. The way it works is similar to other dating sites; first, you have to build a profile so other people can get a sense of who you are. From a few basic drop-down menus, you can choose details about your appearance, your faith, education, smoking and drinking preferences. Afterwards you are given more drop-down menus to choose the details that make up your perfect partner, or you can keep an open mind and leave those blank. Once completed, you can alter your profile to include interesting tidbits of information like list things that you enjoy doing in your city, name the places you want to take a date and describe your ideal date. You can also share your favorite music, movies, books, television shows, sports and hobbies.

Since words can only provide a limited amount of insight as to whom you really are, you are given the opportunity to upload photos of yourself after a moderator approves them. You can upload up to 40 photos, so choose carefully because you want to give potential matches a clear picture of you and your lifestyle. A photo conveying confidence, happiness, a positive attitude and generally enthusiasm for life can go a long way in creating interest in your profile. It’s always recommended that you use only recent photos because people want to see the real you not an older version of you.

If you want to take the initiative in your quest for a special someone, you can take advantage of the basic search feature, which lets you narrow down the tens of millions of members to those that fit your specifications. Hit the search button and you are instantly taken to a picture gallery of prospects that fit your criteria. Do you see someone that you would like to get to know better? Go ahead and add him or her to your favorites. Alert the person that you are interested in connecting or send him or her an email for an even more personal touch. One of the exciting new features on is the “Do you wanna meet up” feature. This feature will instantly let others know whether you are interested in meeting up with them in real life.


Unfortunately, the only way to get to know other members is to subscribe to a plan. Without a subscription, you are unable to view emails from members that are interested in you. The cost for a one month plan is $34.95, with 3 months dropping to $23.32/mo, $16.66/mo for 6 months, and just 11.66/mo for 12 months.

The Good…

The short questions when setting up your profile helps users get right to matching

The Bad…

Free membership does not allow you very much communication

And The Ugly…

The website seems a bit outdated and dull compared to other websites because it lacks brightly colored graphics and a modern layout.


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