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If you haven't had any luck looking on other dating sites, you should seriously consider the fun and inventive features offered by Mate1. With hundreds of thousands of attractive members to choose from, and lots of fun ways to get to know them, Mate1 can keep you clicking for hours. The main focus of the site is its integrated chat system, which is amazingly intuitive. With a member invitation, you could also upgrade this service to camera chat to talk face-to-face with you romantic interests. The only way to take advantage of these great features and more is to join Mate1 today!

How It Works

With a straightforward registration process, Mate1 allows you to spend more time browsing for local singles. In fact, the opening questionnaire you'll answer is a good deal easier than a typical job application, asking you to describe your basic physical features like height, hair color and eye color. You'll also fill out some very general information about your religious beliefs and occupation, such as what education you've completed and what income you receive. After submitting an email address and screen name, you'll be ready to start building your profile on Mate1.

After the registration, you can choose to fill out additional descriptions of who you are and what exactly you're looking for with your Mate1 membership. You'll also be able to fill out lifestyle & interests, favorite things and least favorite things to give members a better sense of who you are.

Mate1's Registration Page, Showing Several Members in the Background


By far, Mate1's greatest feature is its active and friendly user base-which Mate1 puts you in touch with in a variety of ways. Of course you can browse and search Mate1's members, but the website also provides you with daily matches and suggested members for you to browse. If you find interesting members, you can message them, flirt with them or add them to your hotlist to visit their profiles again and again. Members that are interested in you can do the same things, which will notify you in your inbox.

Mate1's Chat Feature Is Easy to Find and to Use!
profile and chat

Mate1's chat feature is also very impressive, functioning much the same way that a popular social networking site would. You can send and receive invitations to chat, though you don't have to accept invitations from members you're not interested in. The chat function also allows you to view someone's profile before you agree to chat with them, allowing you to vet potential suitors before you start talking. If a member invites you to a video chat, you can simply follow the additional registration directions to gain free access to this impressive service, which lets you chat with the object of your desire face-to-face.

Feature Free Membership Subscription Membership
Build a Profile    
Upload Photos    
Receive Daily Matches    
Search Members    
Flirt with Members    
Add Members to Your Hotlist    
Email Members    
Chat Members    
Camera Chat (w/ Member Invitation)    
View Your Inbox    
View Your Flirts    
See Who's Viewed You    
See Who's Hotlisted You    


Though a free membership will give you lots of opportunities to browse and discover who's online, you'll probably want to get a subscription membership once you're ready to start communicating with people. If you're only interested in one specific member, you can by a 3-Day membership to try and connect with him or her as quickly as possible. If you're interested in using the site for an extended period of time, it's always savvy to buy in larger amounts, as longer memberships provide a larger discount on a monthly basis. See the chart below for all subscription options.

3-Day Trial 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
$1.95 $44.95/mo $24.95/mo $19.99/mo


With all of the hot members on Mate1, it shouldn't be hard to find someone who catches your eye. Given the fun and inviting nature of the site-with so many different ways to interact and meet matches-you should be chatting with lots of people in no time. All of the ways to reach out and talk with the site's members mean that not only will you be talking to more people, but you'll have an even better chance of possibly meeting someone special. So check out Mate1 and try your luck today!

The Good

Integrated chat feature helps you flirt with lots of members fast

Camera chat allows you to meet your matches face-to-face instantly

The Bad

Need membership to view your inbox

The Ugly

Growing membership is only currently in the 100,000s


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