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With a streamlined interface and a simplistic color scheme of beige and blue, a large cartoon woman on OkCupid encourages users to join the best dating site on earth. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and users can view quotes from The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, and even from an anonymous guy declaring OkCupid a “pretty legit” site. OkCupid is for anyone who is in search of new friendships, new romances or a lasting relationship. With a solid reputation of bringing couples together, you have nothing to lose by giving OkCupid a chance.

How it works

You can register on OkCupid by using your birthdate, location and email address or you can use your Facebook account. Rest assured that OkCupid won’t ever post anything on Facebook without your permission. After you create a screenname, a helpful OkCupid guide will tell you how you should proceed.

OkCupid Home Page
OkCupid Home Page

On your OkCupid to-do list is to fill out your profile so users get to know more about you. On your profile page, you will have the opportunity to summarize your life, to share the things that are currently going on in your life, to share the things you are good at and to share the first things people notice about you. You can also write the most private thing that you are willing to admit, the things that you like doing on the weekends, the six things you could never be without and the person that you want to meet on OkCupid. Along with answering some of those creative questions so others can get a true sense of who you are, you can add basic facts such as your job, relationship status, ethnicity, diet, orientation and the languages you speak.

Next you have to work your way through a lengthy series of multiple-choice questions on a variety of different subjects. This feature uses a complex mathematical algorithm to find you matches based on your responses to these questions. First, you select the answer that you feel is correct. After you select the answer, you choose the answer that you want a potential match to pick. Then you assign a level of importance like “a little, somewhat and very”. By assigning the level of importance to each question, it lets members know what matters most to you. If you feel like you need to explain your answer for clarity, you have the option to do that as well. Questions include: “How willing are you to meet someone online? Would you rather be weird or normal? Could you date someone who was totally messy? Could you date someone who does drugs?” You can always skip questions if you prefer not to answer.

OkCupid “Quick Match” Feature

There is also a feature that is called Quick Match that shows you photos of different members and you can rate members from one to five stars. If someone catches your eye, give him or her a high ranking and they will be notified that you are interested in getting to know them better. If the person isn’t what you are looking for, hit skip and go on to the next member. As you answer questions, the members in this Quick Match game will be assigned a numerical percentage, which shows how compatible the two of you actually are. The matches you receive will be more accurate as you answer more multiple-choice questions. When you upgrade your subscription to the A-List, you will be able to see the members that gave your profile a high rating.

OkCupid has a Browse Matches feature, which lets you select criteria for your ideal match. You can do a search by sexual orientation, age range, distance from you, last time they were online, pets, join date and by keywords. An A-List subscription will unlock new search criteria such as body type, attractiveness, number of answers and personality.


Unlike other online dating websites, OkCupid allows you to send and receive e-mails and instant messages without upgrading your subscription. An A-List subscription unlocks many cool features such as e-mail message filters, stealthy profile viewing without alerting members, removal of ads, the option to change username and message storage of 5000 messages.

Length 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month
Cost $4.95/mo $7.95/mo $9.95/mo

The Good…

OkCupid is available for mobile devices such as the Android and Iphone so it makes it easy to connect with members 24/7

The Bad…

It’s difficult to get matched up accurately without answering a lot of multiple-choice questions.


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