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If you have a unique passion, chances are you will find it among the 240 active social sites on Passion Network. Against a vivid aqua blue background on the homepage, a slideshow of users are shown happily coupled up with their match. There is also a gallery that displays some of the users that are online. Passions Network is a matchmaking social site that aims to connect singles that have a passion such as cooking, cruising, dancing and traveling along with hundreds more. For a limited time only, you can gain access to all 240 active social sites for $4.95 a month. If you have a passion and want to meet someone that feels the same way, Passions Network is worth a try.

How it works

To gain access to the Passions Network, you will have to create a username and enter your email. The registration process consists of you providing basic information like your height, weight, gender and location. After this, you can create a profile title so try to come up with something that is related to the theme of the Passion Network you want to join. The next step is to share information about yourself so others can get to know you better. You will also need to describe your purpose for joining the Passions Network along with the type of person you want to meet.

passionsnetwork Home Page
passionsnetwork Home Page

After finishing up this registration process, you will have to select details that reflect you and your interests. You will see a lengthy list of drop-down menus that inquire about details like your hobbies and interests, physical characteristics, movies you prefer, personality traits, drinking preference and political views.


You can also upload up to 10 photos of yourself. Photos that are frowned upon are those that don’t show your face and show random things such as sunrises, cars, abstract shapes, celebrities and cartoons. If you prefer not to use a photo of yourself, there is an avatar option that you can select. You will need a photo of your face, body shot or an avatar to participate in chat rooms.

To search the members of the General Passions Network, you can select to view the newest members, last online, popular members and whose online. If you want to do a more specific search, select the characteristics that you are looking for in an ideal match such as height, weight, body type, ethnicity and location. A great search feature that Passion Network has is that you can search within the network you joined, search through all the sites that you joined or search through the entire network.

If you see someone that you want to meet, send him or her an email. Unlike other matchmaking sites, you can connect with other users through email with a basic membership. You can add the user to a Favorites list so you can send and reply to an unlimited number of emails. Otherwise, you are limited to up to ten emails a day.

Passion Network also has a virtual flirt feature that you can use to show a user that you are interested such as sending smooches, send a tickle, jump up and down on the user, throw cold water and hug. Anyone that visits your profile can do any of these actions to you. You will be notified when someone has done any of these actions to you.

Another interesting feature on Passion Network is called Passion Points. These points allow you to upgrade features or unlock new features. Some of these extra features include increasing the number of photos you can have, making your background more prominent by changing the background color, double the length of description in your profile, and double the number of friends on your Favorites list.


With a basic membership, you are able to join just one of the niche sites and have free access to any of the features on the site such as e-mail, online forums, virtual flirts and chat rooms. With an upgraded membership called Network Wide Access, you are able to have access to any of the 240 Passion Network Sites and their features. You can also create your own personalized dating network that consists exclusively of your passions. You can also eliminate the annoying banners that frequently pop up on the site. The cost for Network Wide Access is a recurring monthly charge of $4.95.

The Good…

A basic membership allows you to join one niche site that interests you which allows you to have free access to all the features.

The Bad…

There are annoying banner-ads stating the benefits of upgrading your membership that constantly pop up on every page blocking the entire view of the page.

And The Ugly…

There aren’t any interesting graphics as you navigate the website so users may easily get bored.


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