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Perfect Match Review

Perfect Match is an online matchmaking site whose goal is to match singles that are looking for long-term romance. The homepage has a middle-aged happy couple in a tight embrace making you feel that maybe its possible to find your ideal partner on Perfect Match. This online dating site is unique because it uses Duet, a Total Compatibility System that has been created after 30 years of research into all the necessary elements required for a successful long-term relationship. Duet takes into account all the factors that make up a person such as your lifestyle, personality, relationship preferences and your values to find compatible singles. If you are looking for a match that is based on many compatibility factors, Perfect Match may be a great online dating site for you.


How it works

If you are ready to try Duet, you will have to create a username and enter your zipcode, date of birth, e-mail address and your gender. After this basic registration process, you need to create a welcoming Duet Compatibility profile by providing information such as your current relationship status, occupation, physical traits and ethnicity. The next step in building your profile is that you have the option to go through a list of DealBreakers, which are qualities that you do not want your ideal match to possess. Some of these Deal Breakers include very talkative, extremely messy, frugal, workaholic, sports fanatic, not affectionate and financially unstable. You can also select the ethnicity of your ideal match as well as the distance that you are willing to search for him or her.

Afterwards you move on to an extensive Duet Compatibility questionnaire that consists of True/False statements.  This section of your Duet Compatibility Profile analyzes elements like your comfort with taking romantic risks, your energy level at work as well as during your free time, your general outlook on life and dating, whether you like trying new things or prefer sticking with old habits and your personal decision-making process.

Once you finish the Duet Analysis, you have access to your profile page. With an upgraded membership, you can take two other assessments, which can help Perfect Matches find personalized matches for you. You can take an assessment test on your Values and Ideals, which is about your beliefs and attitudes in life. Or you can take the Life and Lovestyle assessment which is about the elements needed for a couple to be happy on a day-to-day basis.

At this point, you can also upload one photo to your profile. Choose an attractive photo that is an accurate representation of the real you. A picture of you smiling is highly recommended because users will feel that you are friendly and approachable. This photo should be a solo shot of your face or a full body shot so matches can instantly recognize you if you arrange to meet in real life.

One of the features that Perfect Match has is called Active Match which shows your potential matches. This feature will also move any matches that you are not interested in to an Inactive Matches page, keep summaries of matches that you want to get to know better and keep track of your communication with other users.

When you visit your match’s profile page, you can view a comparison chart that compares the Duet Compatibility Factors from the questionnaire that you were required to do earlier. This shows how compatible you are in those areas that were assessed.  Once you view their profile, you can decide if you are interested or would rather skip this user and go on to your next match.

If you are interested in a user, send him a free Icebreaker. The Icebreaker feature lets you select up to 4 questions to your match. Icebreakers include questions such as “How do you like to spend a rainy afternoon?, Where’s your dream vacation?, What’s your Saturday morning attire? and Do you enjoy being alone?”.

If you aren’t thrilled with the users that you were matched up with, take the initiative and do a search for your ideal match. With a basic membership, you are limited to basic search criteria like the age range, gender, location, zip codes and photos only. With an upgraded membership, you unlock an advanced search feature that allows you to do a highly customized search for your ideal match.

With a basic membership, you are able to view any users profile and view their profile photo. Perfect Match also has a feature called Like It which lets you select the reasons that you liked the user’s photo such as The Eyes, The Smile, The Look, The Style, The Energy or I Just Like It.


With a basic membership, you are limited to basic searches, using the Like It feature, viewing profiles and sending icebreakers. A Platinum membership will unlock many new member benefits like the ability to communicate through e-mail with any user, view the users who have taken an interest in you, rank higher in search results and have access to advanced search tools that can make browsing much easier. You will be able to upload up to 8 extra photos and add them to your profile page. You will also have guaranteed perfect matches based on the results of the Duet Compatibility questionnaire.

The Good…

If you need some dating advice, Perfect Match has a relationship blog that you can view with a basic membership

The Bad…

There aren’t any fun flirting games that makes it easier to get to know a user

And The Ugly

Perfect Match has a plain interface and lacks attention-grabbing graphics


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