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PetsDating Review

If your four-legged furry companion in your home seems a bit lonely, try PetsDating. This niche site is for those that want to give their pets a well-balanced social life to keep them happy and healthy. The goal of PetsDating is to allow pet owners to meet others in their community that also have a pet. Their homepage has a blue and red color theme along with photos of adorable cats and dogs of all sizes. This online community consists of people that adore their pets. If your pet needs another furry friend to play with, you might be able to find one at PetsDating.


How it works

To enter this caring community of pet parents, you need to build an owner profile which is a short process. You will have the chance to write a brief personal description about yourself and upload a photo to your profile page. You can also share your contact information for Twitter, Facebook, AIM and a personal website so others can easily get a hold of you.

Then you will have the opportunity to showcase your lovable pets. The View My Pets feature allows you to create a profile page for your pet. You can write a description of your pet like age, size, gender and favorite things to do. Or you can write a description of the ideal companion for your furry friend. You can add keywords and state the reasons that you joined PetsDating such as to set up playdates. You can also set your pet’s location to a favorite park so others know where your pet likes to play. Lastly, you can share how awesome your pet is by uploading a couple of photos and a video.

After you have completed your profile, you can search for pet companions. You can do a search by keywords like the animal, size, type of breed and location. When you find a suitable match that you think your pet would enjoy spending time with, you can click the LIKE button, add them to your Friends’ list and subscribe to their page so you are alerted to any updates on the owner or pet’s page. You can also send a message to the owner or share the page with someone that you know through e-mail.

The features available on PetsDating are similar to Facebook. You can add a cover photo to your profile, post comments to your wall on your profile page and post comments on the pages of others. There is also a feature that allows you to list pets that you want to find loving homes for or search for new animals to adopt. The What’s New feature will display updates on all of the activity that is going on in PetsDating. You can sort activity by Pets, Adoptable Pets, Friends, Photos or Videos so you can quickly find what you are interested in. You can also post on this wall so everyone on PetsDating can see it. This feature will also show you the newest members that have joined PetsDating.

PetsDating also has events for pet owners such as Doggie Date Nights where dog lovers can hang out and build friendships. A cool feature on PetsDating is that any member can create a pet event. There are also Pet Photo Albums you can browse through which are filled with very cute cats and dogs.


All of the features on PetsDating are completely free.

The Good…

It’s free to send messages and you can send an unlimited amount

Designs cool events for pet owners

The Bad…

There aren’t many PetsDating members yet so it may be difficult to find a pet companion in your area

And The Ugly

The forums and chat groups are empty for now



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