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Shaadi Review

For seventeen years, Shaadi has been helping Indian and South Asian singles find their spouse. The world’s largest matrimonial site claims that they have successfully matched up 1.4 million singles. Shaadi is a prestigious matchmaking site that has won numerous awards over the years like World’s Most Innovative Company, Most Trusted Matrimonial Site and Best Matrimonial Website. The homepage uses a vivid red and green color theme and has a slide show of single women. Shaddi strives to give users a superior online dating experience that results in a long-term marriage. When you join Shaadi., you gain access to various user-friendly features that may help you find your lifelong partner.


How it works

To become part of the Shaadi community, you will need to create an informative profile about yourself. A family member or a friend that knows you well can create this profile for you. The first section requires that you give basic information about you and your ideal match such as location details, relationship status, height, skin tone, body type, education and background. You can also select whether you want your search results to include users that are disabled or have been diagnosed with HIV.

You can also write an essay about your personality, hobbies, interests, family members and the traits you are looking for in a lifetime partner. Finish your profile by uploading up to 20 photos for your profile. You can enable privacy settings so that people have to request a password to view your photos.

You can also create an astrological profile, which will pair you with users based on Indian Vedic Astrology. You can check how compatible your astrological sign is with another user and have your personality analyzed based on moon signs. Draw attention to this section of your profile by uploading a photo of your astrological sign or have one auto-generated.

To do a matrimonial partner search, you can select basic details for your ideal match such as their mother tongue, community, marital status and their location. Or you can do an advanced search, which has 26 different criteria that you can use like diet, occupation, education, skin tone, body type and annual income. Along with those types of searches, there is a 2-Way Match feature that shows you users that have the same partner preferences as you do. Reverse Match feature shows you users that are looking for someone like you.

If you see someone that you want to talk with, you can let the user know by sending an Interest. The user will either accept or decline your interest. If he or she accepts, then you can communicate through chat. With a basic membership, you can respond to chat invitations but you can’t send any until you upgrade.

Another feature that will help you meet more users is the Daily 10, which is list of users that Shaadi recommends. You can view each profile and decide if you are interested in a user. This person will be notified through e-mail that you are interested in him or her and then if the feeling is mutual, you can respond to messages you receive from them.


Take advantage of the full benefits of Shaadi by purchasing a Premium membership. Once you upgrade, you can send e-mails and chat with users that haven’t contacted you. You can also call or send a text message to users because their verified contact information will be visible. Your profile will rise to the top in search results with the Spotlight feature so it’s visible to more users.

The Good…

There is a tutorial that guides you every step of the way as you navigate the site

Has won awards for its service

The Bad…

Shaadi doesn’t have any icebreaker messages or virtual flirts that you can send to introduce yourself to another user

And The Ugly

The password request to view pictures could seem a bit sketchy


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