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Many online dating sites require that you take time out of your busy life to answer a complex questionnaire before you are able to browse through profiles. After all that, if you are lucky enough to find someone you actually want to meet, sometimes the date is a flop. You know in less than 5 minutes whether there is chemistry with a person. Sometimes there isn’t and you are left trying to think of any excuse to exit the awkward date such as “I forgot to feed my cat”. Fortunately, SpeedDate has revolutionized online dating by letting you get straight into the action allowing you to browse thousands of profiles immediately after registering. With a streamlined modern blue and white color interface, SpeedDate aims to connect you with singles that are looking for fun, new friends, casual dating and long-term romance as quickly and as easily as possible.

How it works

Your first step into the SpeedDate world is to register an account using basic information such as your name, date of birth, zip code and the gender that you are searching for. Then you have the option of uploading a profile photo or you can skip this until later. After you upload your photo, a chat window will pop up and you begin your free complimentary chat date.


You have 5 minutes to chat with a user using a webcam or instant messaging. While chatting with this person, you can check out their profile because it’s conveniently located in the chat window. When the time is up, you get to decide if you like this user enough to “continue chatting, maybe chat later or not interested”.

To increase the accuracy of your chat date matches, you need to create a profile. You will need to provide details about your physical appearance, skills and talents, subjects that you think about, political views and a secret that you are willing to admit. You will also need to answer questions about your ideal match such as preferred physical characteristics, age range, income, relationship status and education. With each question, you must also select whether this particular trait in your ideal match is a “must-have or a nice to have”. Once you have built your profile, its time to check out the search features that SpeedDate offers.

You can do a basic search by selecting a particular location, age range or keyword. Or you can customize your search by selecting certain physical traits, body art, drug habits, income, ethnicity and height. You can also sort the results of either type of search by distance, most popular, age, recently joined and recently online.


If you see someone that you want to chat with but aren’t sure what to say, send the user an Icebreaker. With a basic membership, you can send free pre-written messages that make it easier to strike up a conversation like “How do your closest friends describe you?, You have an awesome profile!, What is your favorite goal in life? and Howdy!” You can also add this user to a Favorites list so you are notified whenever he or she is online.

To take advantage of all the great features that SpeedDate has to offer, it is necessary to purchase a premium membership. You will be able to go on new chat dates and chat with users that you have already been on a chat date with. This upgraded membership will also allow you to chat with users from your Favorites list when they are online. If they are offline, you can leave them an instant message.

Another cool feature that will unlock with a premium membership is the ability to send inexpensive virtual gifts like an ice cream cone, red heart, box of chocolates or a stuffed animal to your object of affection. If you purchase five gifts you can send unlimited gifts until the end of the current month.


There is also a Likes Me feature that displays important information such as any users that have viewed your profile, added you to a Favorites list, invited you to a SpeedDate and tried to chat with you but you declined. Another feature that shows you crucial information is a sidebar that is displayed on every page. This sidebar is a list of upcoming chat dates that SpeedDate feels are good matches for you. You will be able to view their profiles before the chat date which can help you decide if you even want to interact with this user.


With a basic subscription, you are able to add users to a Favorites list but are unable to interact with them besides sending an Icebreaker or a Speed Wink. With a premium membership, you can communicate with emails, web cam and instant messages. You also gain more control as you can initiate chat dates with anyone that you like. Lastly, you move to the top of search results so more people get to see your profile.

Length 12 Months 6 Months 3 Months 1 Months
Cost $12.95/mo $15.95/mo $19.95/mo $29.95/mo

The Good…

SpeedDate is easily accessible on mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Andriod.

The Bad…

Matches seem very random and it isn’t clear how you are paired up with people.

The Ugly…

There aren’t any fun graphics as you navigate the website.


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