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Most online dating sites match people up by focusing on their character traits. Tastebuds is unique because it brings users together by focusing on their music preferences rather than their traits. They know that a powerful emotional connection can forge when two people enjoy listening to the same type of music. With a fun and brightly colored interface, Tastebuds gives off a sense of energy and excitement throughout their front page. Across a large photo of concertgoers, you can check out testimonials from previous users. With over 1,400,000 million messages sent between members, this is one of the busiest matchmaking sites out there. Tastebuds also allows you to meet music fans, find new bands and explore different music genres. If you are looking for a place where hundreds of thousands of people gather daily to share their passion for music, this is the place to be.

How it works

Your first step into the realm of Tastebuds is to register with your email address, location and birthdate. You also have the option to register using your Facebook account. After this simple process, you arrive on a welcome page that has drop-down menus about your gender, your sexual orientation and your purpose for being on Tastebuds such as dating, concert buddies, music discovery or new friends.


Then you will have the opportunity to list your favorite music artists. Or if you prefer you could just import all your music from Facebook. There will also be a gallery of images that display music artists that are similar to the ones that you listed. It’s best if you add at least 10 music artists because you will have a better chance to meet more people.

Once you have posted several of your favorite bands so users get an idea of the kind of music you like, you can begin to create your profile page. Build a profile that reflects your life and personality by sharing more information about you. You will have the chance to finish the end of statements such as “If I had a million dollars for a day I would…, My dream concert would be…, I’ve recently been listening to…and Three words that describe me..”. Along with answering those creative statements, you can share basic information about you like your height, religion, body type and relationship status. Upload a profile photo so people can see the real you. It’s estimated that people are 8 times more likely to contact you if they can see your photo.


One of the unique features on Tastebuds is the ability to create a collection of your favorite artists and movies. You can also post songs on your profile so others instantly can see who your favorite artists are. They will also get a sense of the mood that you are in with each song that you post on your profile.

With a basic membership, you can post on the Soapbox wall. You can post a question here and then it will be placed into a category such as general chat, off-topic, culture and technology.


Tastebuds also has a notification system that alerts you when someone has viewed your profile. There is also a feature that is called Oh So Bored that displays numerous profile photos and you get to put a big white X on any photo that shows cartoons, celebrities or nudity. This free feature allows you to submit the images you moderated and then you get new profiles to go through. Another free feature is called Quick Questions that asks you different questions such as “Have you smoked marijuana?, Are you often late?, Have you ever written a song?, and Are you addicted to coffee?” After you submit your answer, you can see a poll that shows how users answered this question.


Head on over to the People Page and you will see the users that Tastebuds felt were good matches for you. You can break the ice with a free feature called Message Bomb which allows you to send questions to any of your 8 matches. You can choose to send questions to a match such as “How are you feeling right now?, What’s your favorite movie of all time?, What’s the craziest thing you have ever done? and Do you believe aliens exist?” Or you could use the Say Hello feature to send him or her a bear hug, throw a cow at him, wave to the user or send a song. If you prefer, you could do an advanced search by selecting criteria that you are looking for in a match such as a particular location, age, body type, nationality, ethnicity, religion or music fans of a certain artist.

On the People Page, you are also able to see users sorted into different categories such as recently online, popular users, chatting today, users that goes to a lot of concerts and users that are fans of your favorite music artists. Regardless of the kind of search that you do, you will be unable to communicate with any user until you have a premium membership. Keep in mind, each time you visit a users page, he or she is notified.


Upgrading your membership by buying a Tastebuds Backstage Pass will allow you to go into Incognito mode so others can’t see whether you are offline or online. Even better, you can view profiles without notifying the user that you checked out their profile. You can also read and reply to e-mails and remove annoying ads.

Length 3 Months 1 Months 7 Days
Cost $20/mo $10/mo $7/Day

The Good…

There are many fun features to keep users busy and entertained while they are on Tastebuds.

The Bad…

Since Tastebuds is relatively new and growing, you may find it difficult to find matches that are music fans of your music artists.

The Ugly…



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