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Tinder Review

Millions of people in search of friendship, casual flings, long-term relationships and extramarital affairs are finding what they are searching for using Tinder. This free mobile app simplifies the online dating process and makes it more like a game. Tinder has a homepage that has a streamlined appearance with a bright orange and white color theme along with a slideshow of users. This slideshow gives you a clear idea of what using Tinder would be like before you install it. With billions of matches made on Tinder, it’s a great option if you want to meet people in your area.

How it works

To become the latest swiper on Tinder, you must create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. This is necessary because the app uses personal information from Facebook such as your friend list, your location and the pages you have Liked. Your first task is to create a personal description about yourself in 500 characters or less. Then you can select any photo from your Facebook account, set it as your Tinder profile picture and add 5 more pictures. Afterwards you can select your ideal match’s age range, gender and the distance parameters. Once you have set your requirements, you can get to the action.

Swiping. Tinder is all about swiping. Users that are in close proximity to you are displayed in carousel fashion and with each photo; you will need to swipe left or right. Swiping to the right indicates that you “Like” and want to get to know that user better while swiping to the left indicates “Nope” you aren’t interested. Once there is a mutual match made, you will have the option of sending a message to that person.

A fun feature on Tinder is Moments, which enables you to take a photo with your cell phone and share it with your matches. You can personalize your image by adding texts, filters or doodles to it. These images have a 24-hour life span and allow you to show brief glimpses of your life. Just like before, your matches can swipe right (Like) or left (Nope) for each of your moments. You are notified whenever a match likes your moment and it will also keep track of who doesn’t like your moment.


Although Tinder is free, the company has recently revealed that a premium subscription called Tinder Plus is coming by the end of the year. With this service, users will have access to an Undo button, which has been heavily requested by users. Previously, if a user accidently swiped left, they would banish the other person into the realms of Tinder forever never to be seen again. With Undo, you can go back and undo your last swipe. Tinder is also adding Passport, which allows you to set your location to any destination in the world. With Passport, you can connect with others that live far from you or meet new people while you are on vacation. The cost for this premium service is unknown for now.

The Good…

• Tinder is very easy to use.

• You won’t get messages from people that you don’t want to chat with.

The Bad…

• Depending on where you live, you might not be able to find many matches in your area.

And The Ugly



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