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True Beginnings is a dating site where singles can meet and take advantage of many interactive options from video-chat and text chat rooms, to a coaching center that offers dating advice. Memberships begin at $49.99 per month, and there is currently the option of a free three-day trial. The search options are standard, but detailed; matches may be searched for by several details from hair color and height, to occupation and religion. Additionally, several assessment tests help offer details on subjects such as physical compatibility and communication.

How it works

True Beginnings has lower inhibitions than other sites- questions are straight to the point, and there is an emphasis getting down to more explicit details in profiles and via assessment test. Once logged in, users can find a main page tab labeled Better Sex, which takes users to a test that helps determine sexual compatibility. Whether you want to know how social your potential mate is, or exactly how they handle confrontation, these assessments offer a lot of juicy details. The benefit of being able to click through to these assessment from users profile is that valuable info can be browsed before making first contact.

Truebeginnings Home Page
truebeginnings Home Page

Live chat rooms are open 24 hours a day for members to go in and mingle; chat rooms feature a video option, for users whose computers have that capability. The rooms are divided into several categories, featuring places for Latinos, Christians, Divorcee’s and other specific groups to go find likeminded mates.

The Coaching Center offers True Beginnings’ personal advice on how to find true love. Coaches are available to personally tailor your profile in order to present you in the best light, and daily TRUE Tips offer little tidbits of information to help keep members motivated and pumped to meet their future significant other.


True Beginnings offers members the exclusivity of speaking only to people who are serious about finding a match. Those with a paid membership can even keep their profile private from those without a membership. Membership on True Beginnings affords users the opportunity to chat, to video chat, send messages, and see where partners line up on a compatibility scale. Those wishing to test the site can currently sign up for a 3-day free trial with a valid credit card.

The Good…

Thorough tests and assessments to help potential couples feel that they are pursuing a compatible match

The Bad…

The cost is steep, and without a membership, even the option to browse through profiles is severely limited.

And The Ugly

The site shows pseudo messages with your user name, helping to entice you to sign up


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