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At Consumer Rankings, we aim to please. We work hard to provide detailed, thorough and useful consumer information that helps our visitors make smarter choices. Below are just some of the recent comments we've received from our users.

"As a novice looking to build a website, I found your reviews extremely helpful! There is no other site that offers such a detailed analysis of website builders than yours. The fact that the author attempted building their own site as well as contacted customer support offers very useful information... I just wanted to thank you for creating such a high-quality review site."


"The consumer ranking information you share on your site is really helping people make smarter purchasing decisions.  We appreciate that you provide this helpful service, which is saving people time and money."


"Not sure how I ended up in your site, but it doesn't matter... what matters is that I learned a lot  and you did help me in deciding the hosting plan and company I will approach"


"Please tell your reviewer Sari Holz that her reviews are excellent.  It is as well an advantage to have on your site multiple reviews conducted by the same individual, which would tend to minimize personal bias among the reviewers. Good work.  Keep it up."


"I am a software developer but know nothing about hosting services, how to evaluate them and what services to look for.  Your site is BY FAR the most helpful one that I have found:  wonderfully organized, and offering the most helpful suggestions. Thank you so much for your diligence and thoughtfulness!"


"Greetings! I went on your website to get some information about web hosting sites. I have been tossing around ideas to promote an area where I live known as ... So first I explored e-newsletters, then Constant Contact, then blogs, then WordPress, then Facebook.  And then I knew that I really needed to establish a website as a base for all of this.  Your information on the various vendors was so helpful for a novice like me."


Do you have comments or feedback about our site that you'd like to share? Email us at and be heard! We love positive feedback, it motivates us to keep plugging away. But we appreciate negative feedback even more, it helps us learn how we can improve our site and better serve our visitors. And don't worry, we've got thick skin.

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