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We've tested and researched the top online tax software solutions to help you establish which is the best online tax preparation service for you. We've compared their pricing, audit protection, customer support and ease of use among other important criteria, so that you can see at a glance which online tax service offers the features you need for your personal or small business tax return. We've also gathered real consumer feedback so that you can see what others are saying about these services.

Last Update: Sep 21, 2014
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Best for:Individuals or small businesses who demand top notch customer support and those who want to easily import their financial information from multiple external sources.

Price Range: Free - $49.95

Audit Protection: $39.95

Overall Consumer Rankings: 
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Best for:Anyone looking for free premium audit support and easy-to use online tax preparation software.

Price Range: Free - $74.95

Audit Protection :Free

Overall Consumer Rankings: 
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Best for:Small business owners who know what type of tax return they need to file and those who wish to purchase the software in order to file multiple state returns.

Price Range: Free - $21.95

Audit Protection: Not available

Overall Consumer Rankings: 


Packages and Pricing

The goal of using any online tax software should be not only to save the most money on your return, but also to get the best service without overpaying. Comparing the prices of several online tax software providers will allow you to determine which company offers the best service for the best price. Check out the prices of the top online fax providers at a glance in our helpful pricing chart.

Audit Protection


Most of the top online tax software services charge extra for audit protection, but this minimal fee will be worthwhile if you're one of the 1.1% of Americans who are audited each year. But while some services offer live audit support, others offer nothing more than a few articles for filers who wish to protect themselves. Read our comparison of the available audit protection services before you register for an online tax service.

customer support

Customer Service

Some services such as TaxACT charge an additional fee for customer support and you may also be required to pay extra for audit protection with some services. Others, such as H&R Block offer audit protection for free. Likewise, some services like CompleteTax offer email support, while others such as TurboTax do not, so you should consider what form of support you prefer when making your decision.

Ease of Use

Customer Service

Filing taxes can be a complicated undertaking, so choosing easy-to-use online tax software is critical. We've tested the top online tax providers and recorded our findings so that you can determine which ones are the easiest to use - without having to test each one for yourself.

Standard Features


When it comes to filing your taxes online, fewer features may mean that your tax filing process may be more complicated or time consuming than necessary. On the other hand, having too many features can make some online tax software overly complex. We've compared the features of the best online tax services to help you determine which features you'll truly need to file your online taxes, and which ones may not be helpful.

Additional Features

special features

When it comes to filing your taxes online, there's no question that you get what you pay for. The question is - do you really need to pay for every service? Most of the top online tax preparation services offer various additional features that can be purchased for an additional fee. We've compared the supplemental services (and the prices for these services) so that you can decide which ones which services are worth paying for and which are not.

Tax Software Guide

Tax Software Guide

New to the world of online tax preparation? Check out our online tax guide to learn about the basics, from whether you're a good candidate for online tax filing to what to consider when choosing an online tax software provider. Make an informed and confident decision by getting all the facts about online tax filing before you begin.

Online tax for business


Choosing the right online tax software for your business's tax filing can save your business a significant amount of time and money, while choosing the wrong online tax software for your business can cause unnecessary stress and problems. We've compared the top online tax providers for businesses to help you choose the one that will best meet the needs of your business.

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