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Your personal trainer probably won’t include “getting a girlfriend” as a key workout toward completing your goal sheet, but according to a new consumer survey conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA), being in a relationship generally improves male heart health. Sponsored by leading online dating company, the survey of 1,000 adults revealed that men with significant others are apt to better dieting, increased sexual activity and making healthier choices that help stimulate and improve cardiovascular strength.

The survey data showed 57 percent of men say they eat healthier when in a relationship and 76 percent say they make healthier decisions for themselves because of their significant other. Data also shows that, while in a relationship, both men and women exercise more often than singles.

“We’re not doctors or medical researchers,” says Amarnath Thombre, president of Match, “but Match has always been extremely focused on matters of the heart.” This sponsorship marks Match’s first big leap in supporting a national non-profit organization, as the dating company has committed to donating a minimum of $300,000 to the AHA over the next three years.

“We’ve united more than 7 million hearts since our inception in 1995,” Thombre adds. “By uniting with the American Heart Association, we’ll continue to help singles better their hearts and dump heart disease.”

If you’re interested in what can do to help you find that perfect someone, be sure to check out our exclusive video review of the company here.



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