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Although iPage may have been founded in 1998, it didn't emerge as a serious web hosting service until relatively recently. After several years of dormancy during which the company refocused itself on improving their services, iPage reemerged in October 2009. Since then, iPage has very quickly succeeded in establishing itself as one of the leading low-cost hosting solutions catering to small businesses and bloggers.


iPage offers only one web hosting plan, appropriately name the "Essential Plan".

Plan works as follows:

12 Month Plan 24 Month Plan 36 Month Plan
$1.99/mo $1.99/mo $1.99/mo

iPage also offers several extra services that you can purchase upon checkout. Though not necessary, these premium services can make your website more functional with the click of a button.

iPage's extras include:

  • Domain Privacy Package - $9.99/year
  • Identity Theft Protection and Data Security Package - $12.95/year
  • iPage JumpStart Package - $19.95 one-time fee
  • iPage Directory Listing - $12.00/year
  • Automatic Site Backup - $12.95/year

Money Back Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your iPage service for any reason, you can apply for the iPage "30-day Money Back Guarantee," which ensures that you'll receive a refund for any time remaining on your iPage contract.

If you register your domain directly through iPage you will be charged a $15 non-refundable fee upon cancellation of your iPage services. This fee allows you to retain your domain, so that you can transfer it to any web hosting service.

iPage's Unlimited Hosting Features:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited transfer/bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases


  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure uptime reliability
  • Enhanced security suite
  • Site traffic reporting
  • High-performance load balanced servers

Online Marketing Features:

  • $50 Google AdWords credit
  • $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search credit
  • Internet marketing guides
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration

Web Design Services:

  • Drag and drop site builder
  • Template-based site builder
  • Domain name for life
  • Blog setup assistance
  • Photo gallery setup assistance
  • SEO-friendly features

eCommerce Features:

  • Multiple shopping cart options
  • PayPal integration

Integrated Applications:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Gallery2
  • phpBB
  • Gbook

Ease of Use

Setting up a website begins with choosing a domain, and iPage makes this process simple. If your first choice isn't available, iPage will provide you with alternative extensions or domain names to choose from.

Once you've selected your domain you can choose between several site creation options including an FTP system and a 'drag-and-drop' editor powered by Weebly. You can also choose to purchase one of the many software products to help with the site creation.

Instead of using the cPanel control panel as most web hosts do, iPage uses the vDeck control panel which is supposedly more user-friendly than the cPanel. After taking a few moments to familiarize myself with the interface I felt comfortable enough to begin building my site.

Control Panel
control panel
File Manager
file manager

For my first trial, I selected the FTP option and installed a WordPress application quite easily by using iPage's Install Central. I was surprised to see that WordPress did not immediately display, so I called the customer service center for help. I was informed that when using WordPress you must change the homepage file from home.html to home1.html so that the WordPress template will appear on your domain. This suggestion solved the problem quickly and easily.

One benefit of iPage is that it integrates various Google tools directly into its control panel so that newbie website builders can easily submit their site to Google and take advantage of Google's various tools such as Webmaster Tools (which can report many problems on a site), AdWords (which is used for optimizing keywords) and AdSense (which is used to generate revenue by allowing external advertisement on site). By having Google tools as an add-on in the control panel, iPage makes it easy to install and take advantage of all of these useful services.

Google Add Ons
Google Add Ons
The Final Product
The Final Product

As a second experiment I decided to try iPage's Drag and Drop site builder, which, as its name suggests, requires little more than dragging and dropping. Even without taking a tutorial I was able to figure out how to add text and images to my page, and even to replace the header. During the course of my trial I made the mistake of hitting the 'back' arrow when I wanted to undo a change to the website. When I was brought back to the control panel, I got nervous that I had lost my work, but I was thrilled to see that when I went back to the site builder had saved my changes automatically.

Customer Support

iPage offers 24/7, US-based, customer support via phone, live chat and email. iPage's features page claims that customer service phone calls are answered within 2 minutes (average), and I found this to be entirely accurate (in fact, my call at 9:35 am EST was answered within 1 minute). I spoke to a different customer service representative each time I called and found them to be consistently polite, helpful and patient. iPage's live chat responses were equally expedient and useful, though the wait time for assistance via chat was slightly longer than the wait time for phone support. Still, my average wait time for chat help was only 5 minutes.

In addition to calling and chatting, I also emailed iPage with a specific question about their site builder, at 2:49pm EST. I received a helpful and relevant response 4 hours later, which provided precise instructions of how to perform the task in question.

iPage also offers an intuitive Help Center complete with tutorials, a knowledgebase, and a FAQ section. Each section is organized clearly and arranged neatly so that you can find what you're looking for at a glance.


  •   Offers very attractive pricing without sacrificing on the service
  •   Easy-to-use "Drag and Drop" site builder
  •   Expedient customer service
  •   Google tools integration
  •   $50 Google AdWords credit and $25 Yahoo! Search credit come with hosting packages

The Good

Pricing begins at $1.99/month or less

Tons of support features and tutorials

The Bad

Need to budget for essential services

The Ugly


User Reviews

Not all submitted reviews are posted but all submitted reviews are factored into our rating. believes the posted reviews best reflect the overall opinions of all submitted reviews.

Submitted by David

I used ipage initially, then switched to godaddy for the better price. All in all, Ipage was a lot easier to use and had a more intuitive interface in regards to web design tools. I may go back to them soon..

Submitted by Charlie Pate

Worked fine but there was no tech support for the few times I needed it.

Submitted by Ronnie S.

My initial contact with Genevie in sales was informative and educational. She is what customer support should be. Unfortunately I cannot use iPage Open Exchange email program because employee's are not allowed to change password for privacy. It has to be set by administration. We have board members who not approve of administration having passwords.

Submitted by miald dox

they are the bessssssssssssst

Submitted by Joey Williams


Submitted by Paladin Roy

Been with them over 3 years now. And truly, the best hosting out there, with the best tech support, and ease of use I've seen in several hosts I've tried. No turning back for me :)

Submitted by Kimberly Fujioka

Great company! I have been using them for 2 years. Best customer support I have ever had.

Submitted by Michael Dahlke

I've been using them for a year (switched from godaddy) and have had an excellent experience. Support issues had been resolved within 12 hours (usually within 3-4 hours) and is great on your wallet!

Submitted by Victor K

Their customer support was so helpful. Overall iPage is a great value for your money.

Submitted by Dixon Phillips

Have used iPage for almost two years now and am completely satisfied after having been disappointed with some of the other major names.

Submitted by Rebecca Taylor

Most iPage features and functions were understandable for me. Those that weren't were quickly addressed through one of their help and support options. This saves me time and spares me frustration. I appreciate that. Thanks

Submitted by Leslie Bradford

I have two sites hosted by iPage, and I'm very happy to have chosen this host. The tech department is quick to respond to any and all questions. They have taken time and 'gone the extra mile' to help me. The hosting cost is well within my budget. I use Macs and Rapidweaver, which, is completely compatible with iPage hosting. I highly recommend iPage for all hosting and support needs.

Submitted by Nattarin Korkeatkulwut

Easy to use and very good support. I love it.

Submitted by david rock

This is the best web hosting site.

Submitted by R. Wayne Jones

I have used IPage for about two years now and I am very pleased with the customer support and tech support, and I do not think in that time my web page has been down once in that time.

Submitted by aleksey murashev

good work good time

Submitted by Ales Uratnik

iPage features and support is excellent I had no problem to switch from other vendor. Highly recommended to everyone!!!

Submitted by David J

Perfect for first timers. I didn't want to spend too much money on my first site since I'm so new at this. Ipage let me get my site up quickly and easily for close to nothing.

Submitted by Joshua Drean

I love iPage! I hired someone to build a website for me for a few hundred dollars and it ended up not working out. I found iPage and was so happy because I got a better site and for practically free!

Submitted by KC Mohanan

As a first time user, I am truly impressed by what iPage has to offer.

Submitted by San Jackson

Excellent customer service

Submitted by Brian Bosley

Ipage has everything i have needed

Submitted by Carlen Young

This service just works, and for cheap!

Submitted by Robert Salisbury

Using ipage is like having a marketing team behind you for free. They start by listening to your idea and what you want. The sales person tries to find the lowest price to fit your needs. ipage is the best

Submitted by Bruce Rick

iPage has been a very good hosting company for me, especially for the price. I've had a few slow downs when I initially setup my site but after chatting online with tech support everything was fixed.

Submitted by k l

So far so good no problems, website set up went smoothly, i did everything my self using their web building tools , phone representatives were always friendly and helpfull whenever i had a question..

Submitted by rosie osire

I'll choose ipage hosting for my lifetime online business

Submitted by Anthony Sean Ebue

Great deals and features! really 100%!

Submitted by Tracy Brown

I've used other web hosting companies in the past, but Ipage is much easier and they are available to help you 24/7.

Submitted by Manny J

I found that most of these services are pretty much the same, including ipage, except that they are much cheaper

Submitted by Joe Shmoe

I used their service, and it was fine. They should improve their customer support.



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Not all submitted reviews are posted but all submitted reviews are factored into our rating. believes the posted reviews best reflect the overall opinions of all submitted reviews.

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