2013's Best Website Builders

Building a great website requires having the right site building tools and hosting provder so that your website will not only look professional, but allow your web pages to load quickly.  We've compared the prices, ease of use and features of the top web hosting packages for website builders, as well as other factors that you'll need to consider in order to make an informed decision.  

Last Update: Aug 19, 2014
Editor's List of Top 5 Website Builders
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Best for:Website owners looking for an affordable and easy to use drag and drop site builder with reliable web hosting.

Best Value: $1.99/Month

Website Types: Business, Blog, Store 

Overall Rating: 
Just Host
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Best for:Anyone looking to seamlessly install and build a professional looking WordPress site.

Best Value: $2.95/month

Website Types: Content Sites, Blogs

Overall Rating: 
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Best for:Small business websites that want a user-friendly site builder with credit card acceptance and convenient PayPal integration.  

Best Value: $3.15/month

Website Types: Online Store, Business

Overall Rating: 
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Best for:Webmasters looking for instant website setup, an intuitive control panel design.

Best Value: $4.95/month

Website Types: Business, Blogs

Overall Rating: 
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Best for:Advanced web builders and those who may not need a plan with unlimited disk space or bandwidth and are willing to consider a limited plan.

Best Value: $6.75/month

Website Types: Business, Blog, Store 

Overall Rating: 

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Although most DIY webmasters are concerned about price, it's important to consider not only the monthly fee but whether you'll need to pay for added features or whether you can suffice without them in order to save a few bucks.  We've compared the prices of the top web hosting providers for website builders so that you can see at a glance how much it'll cost to host and build your site.  

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Bandwidth and Disk Space

When choosing a web host for your website builder it's important to consider the features of both services so that the entire experience will be enjoyable.  We've tested and compared the features of the top web hosting plans for website builders and have recorded our findings so that you can understand your options at a glance.

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Ease of Use

Despite the claims of some web hosting services, a minimum of 250 GB of bandwidth and 5 GB of disk space are required to support even the smallest website.  To make your selection easier, many web hosts for web builders, such as JustHost, offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  Others, such as Yola and Wix offer a choice of storage options so that webmasters can choose exactly the bandwidth and disk space their site will need.  Before committing to a plan, make sure that you'll have enough storage to support your site as it grows.  

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Whether you're building your first website or your fiftieth, chances are good that you may need some assistance during the process.  At times like these, it's imperative to know that your web host provides reliable and helpful customer service.  We've tested the response times of the top service providers so that you'll know in advance exactly what type of service you can expect.

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