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Not Sure Whether He’s Serious about You? Check His Face Shape

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Do they want a relationship or just something casual? Ah, yes. The age old question.

Let me know if this sounds familiar: you just met someone online that you totally hit it off with. You’ve gone on one or two dates, the conversation is amazing and you can’t wait to see them again. You get the feeling they’re totally into you too, but you’re not sure what their intentions are. Are they interested in something serious (because you’re like, ready to lock this thing down) or is this just another casual hook-up for them?

While the most straightforward way to solve this quandary would be to simply ask the other person what they’re looking for, these kinds of conversations can seem awkward and premature if you’ve only hung out once or twice. So, what are you to do? Do you ask them outright or do you wait around for them to tell you first?

Enter, Science. A new study by researchers at Nipissing University in Canada found a workaround that may help you figure out whether or not the person you’re seeing wants something serious: their face shape. The study, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, looked into how a person’s face shape correlated to their likelihood to commit to another person in a romantic relationship.

To get answers, the researchers used a sample of 145 heterosexual students who were currently in romantic relationships. Study participants were asked to complete questionnaires pertaining to their interpersonal and sexual behavior, and then provide a facial photograph. In the second half of the study, the researchers recruited 314 students to answer questions about how they felt regarding things like casual hookups and cheating. They also provided a photograph.

Interestingly enough, the researchers discovered there’s actually a strong correlation between sex drive and face shape in both men and women.

According to the study, men and women with wider faces have higher libidos. But – before you immediately eliminate anyone in your dating pool with a wide-face – keep this in mind: just because someone has a higher libido doesn’t necessarily mean they’re averse to commitment. In fact, it might just mean they’re more likely to want to have lots of sex if you’re together, which for many of us, is seen as a positive quality!

With that said, if you’re looking for a man who’ll commit, you might want to be cautious when it comes to men with wider face shapes. The study found that dudes with wider face shapes not only had higher libidos, but were also more likely to be open to casual sex and no-strings-attached hook-ups.

Before you banish any and all men with a wide face from your pool of potential partners, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just one study. Also, just because someone is open to casual hook-ups and no-strings-attached sex does not necessarily mean they can’t and don’t want to commit to the right person. Sexuality and romantic relationships are not absolute and tastes aren’t static. You can have a high libido, love casual sex, but still want to commit to someone special.

This is all to say that while interesting, these studies shouldn’t be used as a guide to navigate your dating life. If you really want to know how they feel about you, stop analyzing their face and just ask.





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