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Happy Couple Launches Female-Friendly Dating Platform

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Meet Jess and Ken Deckinger. The married couples’ dating platform, aptly named “Jess, Meet Ken,” aims to stand out by alleviating many of the insecurities women have about online dating. “The things we (women) love about the men in our lives are not necessarily the things they would tell us about themselves,” Jess tells Fast Company in a recent interview. “A female friend is more likely to represent those things about her guy friend.”

Jess, Meet Ken specifically targets women, enabling them to recommend eligible bachelors they know. If you’re a single woman browsing through profiles, you have the option of contacting these men directly or contacting the women who recommended them to get more information before reaching out on your own. The Deckingers designed the site not only to attract those female users who feel generally left out of the thinking process when it comes to new dating platforms, but also those men who are looking to create the best profiles possible. Who better to attract the woman of your dreams than a worthy wing-woman?

Ken has a rather impressive background in digital matchmaking, having founded the first speed-dating website, HurryDate, back in 2001. Jess is a marketer with a Harvard MBA –  so with the couple’s combined expertise, their new platform increases its chances of success. But with the site being so new, it will surely take some time for many people who are looking for a dating service with a more reputable backing.

Most popular dating sites don’t explicitly brand themselves according to one particular sex, but if you’re a woman or a man looking for your fairest shot at true love, it’s important to vet the the right community. Sites like will have higher membership prices than many competitors, but with its long-standing reputation, you can bet that the bulk of its membership consists of serious singles. This should be comforting, especially to those women who have wasted so many hours searching for the right dating site only to find that it was filled with wannabes. Match is a leading service for connecting future husbands and wives, eliminating much of the strife women and men have with using dating platforms, by putting them in contact with forthright singles.

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