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ApolloHosting Overview

ApolloHosting strikes a wonderful balance; offering high-end web hosting products and services that more advanced users will appreciate, yet providing an intuitive interface that plays well with less experienced website builders. ApolloHosting provides more than 200 tools and services and free website-building software that makes it easy to create a site for personal or business purposes. Whether you’re hoping to establish that blog that you’ve always wanted to create, an eCommerce website to sell your products and services, or a personal website that expresses your creative endeavors, ApolloHosting’s hosting plans are a great choice for users of all skill levels that are looking for a reliable solution for their online ventures.

Ease of Use

Sometimes you get a good sense of how smoothly your site-hosting and building experience will go simply by looking at a company’s website. ApolloHosting provides clear and detailed information about its hosting plans plainly on its site and makes your decision easier by offering two, simple hosting plans. Many web hosting solutions, in their attempt to provide everything to everyone, make it nearly impossible to determine if you’ll be exceeding your budget by the time you get your first bill in the mail. Add-ons can add up, and if it’s not clearly stated on the website, then you’ll likely be unpleasantly surprised when it comes time to pay up at the end of the month.

ApolloHosting makes it surprisingly easy to set up a hosting plan; offering its Starter plan and Prime plans. Having just two plans might seem like ApolloHosting is limited in its offerings, but if you think about it — the hosting world is long overdue for this kind of simplicity. Both plans offer 200+ tools and services that help you build, promote, protect and adapt your site for today’s rapidly changing online environment. For eCommerce builders, the Prime plan offers handy shopping cart features and tools that facilitate the creation and promotion of your site. ApolloHosting does a very nice job categorizing its tools so that you know what they do, and where to find them.


ApolloHosting realizes that it has an opportunity to provide everything you could possibly need to make your site successful, and it seemingly does exactly that. Furthermore, ApolloHosting doesn’t just dabble in website building tools by offering a mediocre product that leaves you wishing you had gone with a different solution. ApolloHosting actually partners with CM4all, creator of one of the most prominent website building solutions on the market. They have a stunning client list, including such companies as TMobile, Deutsche Telekom AG and Vodafone. ApolloHosting’s Website Creator allows you to choose from up to 100 templates from CM4all’s design library. The website builder, 9 pages and 100 design templates are all offered as part of the hosting plans offered.

Hats off to ApolloHosting for not short-changing its customers with a limited feature set to offset their reasonable pricing. Both Starter and Prime plans offer unlimited transfer and bandwidth, which is a rarity in today’s hosting solution world, and should make users of all types quite happy. The Starter plan surprisingly offers quite a few features free, such as spam email filtering, browser-based Email, and the website creator. It also provides a personalized domain name for a yearly fee ($14.99), but offers unlimited domains for its Prime plan. Also free are some nice incentives for marketing and promoting your site, such as $100 Google AdWords and $50 Yahoo!/Bing sponsored search credit.

Customer Support

Customer support has become the litmus test for any company that claims to put its customers first. Thankfully, ApolloHosting follows through on its promise by offering true 24/7 support. In fact, they even provide a customer support number on its support portal! Additionally, you can seek assistance through live chat or a support console that requires your login, then allows you to submit an online form to detail your issues and concerns. ApolloHosting even seems to want your feedback in order to improve upon all areas of its services. Whether or not they actually listen to their customers and implement this feedback, is another issue, altogether. Nonetheless, ApolloHosting gets high marks for its dedication to customer service.


ApolloHosting provides two hosting plans: Starter and Prime. Included in both plans are numerous features and tools (200+) that will certainly serve as incentive to website builders of all types.

Starter Plan – $3.99/month w/$10 setup fee for 24 months or $4.99/month for 12 months.
Prime Plan – $6.95/month (free setup) for 24 months or $7.95/month for 12 months.

The Good

Excellent web hosting solution from start to finish for users of all skill levels

The free apps, tools and features are a wonderful incentive

The Bad

Prime Plan offers support for just 15 products for its shopping cart, which will not suit eCommerce users of the more demanding variety

The Ugly

Very little to report in this category, thankfully, although it would be nice if they offered a website building demo for prospective customers


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