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*Best Online Backup Services

We've tested the leading online backup software and compared the features, storage space, security and pricing of each service, so that you can determine which online backup provider will best meet your needs. We've also tested each company's ease of use and customer support so that you can learn about what type of service you'll receive in case you need technical assistance.


A product created by the Just Develop It company, MyPC Backup is an industry leader in the online backup software industry.  The company’s goal is to provide simple solutions to complicated technical predicaments, and MyPC Backup does just that.  Launched in 2010, MyPC Backup offers... Read Review


JustCloud is an online backup solution created in 2010 by Just Develop It, an innovative technology company that was incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2007. Since its inception, Just Develop It has launched nearly two dozen brands, each which provides users with a unique... Read Review


Launched in 2011, ZipCloud is often mislabeled as the identical twin of JustCloud.  While the sites and services are quite similar, however  ZipCloud’s prices are also notably lower than those of JustCloud.  If you’re in the market for reliable and affordable online backup software, read... Read Review


Established in 2011 Backup Genie has quickly become one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive online backup services. The team responsible for BackupGenie is based in Hampshire. In less than a year since the site’s establishment, BackupGenie has grown a very impressive base of paying... Read Review


Established in 2001, SOS Online Backup has long been considered as one of the founders of the online backup world.  Since its foundation, the company has opened up offices worldwide, in places such as California, the Ukraine, Australia and India, and it utilizes data centers... Read Review


With multiple data centers across the United States and over 7 years of experience in the online backup world, it’s no surprise that Carbonite has been recognized as a leader in the industry both by technology analysts and users worldwide. Launched in 2005, Carbonite is... Read Review


Mozy is one of the largest online backup providers in the industry with over 3 million private users and 80,000 business users. Founded in 2005, the company now has offices around the world and provides some of the best security features for homes and businesses... Read Review


Although it was launched as recently as 2008, Livedrive has already rocketed to the top of the online backup world.  Based in the United Kingdom, Livedrive serves millions of clients worldwide and has been recognized by the press for its contributions to the world of... Read Review


iBackup focuses on integrating backup, syncing and file sharing and creating a service that offers a balance between all of these functions. Before the company morphed itself into an online backup service, they did software consulting for Fortune 500 companies and it shows in the... Read Review


Although it only was founded as an online backup and syncing program in 2009, SugarSync has already gotten a lot of attention and was even named the best syncing service by Gizmodo in 2011. SugarSync seeks to combine all of the security of an automatic... Read Review

More About Online Backup Services


When considering which online backup package to choose, price is often a vital determining factor.  But with so many different packages to choose from and prices ranging from under $4/month to over $40/month, it's often hard to choose which plan is the best value for the price.  We've taken time to compare all of the plans and products across all of the top brands, so that you can discern whether to choose an affordable unlimited storage plan offered by companies like MyPC Backup and ZipCloud, or whether you want to spring for a more expensive plan.


When starting the search for an online backup service, most consumers don't realize quite how many features are available with the top backup companies. To help you separate the truly useful features from those that are less critical, we've compared the standard features and some of the more useful extras provided by the leading online backup services so that you can determine exactly which features you need to maximize your online storage experience.

Ease of Use

Whether you're new to the world of online backup or you've backed up files in the past, it's always helpful to work with software that is designed with the consumer in mind.  Though you could take the time to use the free trial version of each top backup company, we've already done the work for you.  Check out our comprehensive ease of use analysis to determine which companies are the easiest to use and which haven't been quite as successful.  

Customer Support

All of the best online backup services are designed to be as straightforward as possible, but there may be a time when a user needs a bit of help backing up a file or retrieving a stored file.  At these times, it's imperative to know that your online backup provider will provide reliable customer support.  It is worth noting that very few services offer phone support, though it is offered by and Carbonite. We tested the chat support, phone support, email response times and knowledge bases of the top online backup services and recorded our findings so that you can choose the one that offers the best service and availability for your lifestyle.  

Storage Space

Even if you only have a few files to backup right now, you'll want to make sure that your online backup service offers sufficient storage space in case you want to save additional files in the future. Choosing a service such as ZipCloud that offers unlimited storage is a surefire way to make sure you're covered, but we've compared the storage plans offered by the top backup providers so that you can find the plan that will best meet your needs.


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to backing up sensitive files is how secure they will be. In order to help you understrand what's invovled in keeping files secure and what the different online backup companies do to protect your files, we've provided a detailed explanation of how these service protect your files from hackers and make sure all your most private information remains private. 


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