Whether you're a professional photographer or just want some quick snapshots to send to relatives, choosing the right camera can be overwhelming. For starters, would-be photographers will have to begin by deciding which type of camera in which price range will best fit their needs before even beginning to investigate the many details that differentiate each camera. The categories below will best fit the needs of most photographers and so we've compared and reviewed the best choices for each so that there is something for everyone.

Compact Digital Cameras These straightforward cameras will work well for most families. If you're traveling with little kids then you probably don't want to make a huge investment and convenience is a key factor, making these inexpensive cameras the best choice. The picture quality from all of these cameras is impressive, so make sure to look at other features like speed and compatibility.
Entry Level Digital SLR Cameras Just because you want to upgrade from a compact point-and-shoot camera doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are now available at very affordable prices and with many of the same tools and high-level image quality of professional level cameras. Look for speed, video and editing features when choosing which camera will work best for you.
Professional Level Digital SLR Cameras If you're sure that a digital SLR is what you want then it may be time to invest in some really high level equipment. We've compared here some of the top-of-the-line cameras that are used by amateurs and professionals alike. These have extensive features and impressive specs to match the higher price tags, so make sure to look closely at the details.
Digital Rangefinder Cameras Even though these are more of a specialty camera, we've found that they have a loyal following among serious photographers. They provide singular tools which allow for very special and individualized results. They range widely in price so you can choose whether this is going to be your primary camera or something you plan to use only in special situations.

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