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Alikewise Video Review

Dating Video Reviews

Alikewise has a very unique and novel approach compared to a lot of dating sites out there. Instead of having you interact by clicking boxes, the site focuses on something you’re deeply passionate about: reading. By letting you describe the books that you love in your own words, Alikewise thinks you can find someone with similar tastes. Video Review

Dating Video Reviews

If you’re looking to meet attractive local and international Asian singles, than could be a helpful and fruitful dating site for you. With a standard searching and messaging interface, you also won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the service works, making it easy to jump right in and start looking for love.

Wygant’s Words: “Do Pickup Lines Work in Online Dating?”

Dating Video Tips

You ever met that guy who can walk to up to any girl and seemingly know exactly what to say? Are you a smooth-talker yourself? Well, that’s fine and dandy, but do these types of “pickup line” techniques work in the world of online dating? Dating expert David Wygant knows the answer. Check out the latest installment of Wygant’s Words and find out if your real world charm stands a chance online. Good luck!

Wygant’s Words: “How to Take Online Dating into the Real World”

Dating Video Tips

There are tons of resources available on our site and elsewhere about how to succeed in the world on online dating, but what happens when it’s time to take all that great progress into the real world? What’s the best way to ensure you have the same good fortune offline as you do online?

In this latest installment of Wygant’s Words, dating expert David Wygant answers this question and gives some helpful hints about how to to best take online dating practices into the real world. Check it out and implement the strategies to see if they work for you. Good luck!

Online Dating Scammers

Dating Video Tips

There’s nothing more discouraging than meeting someone cool online only to discover that you’ve been hoodwinked! Being scammed by a fake profile may discourage you, but Joey is here to tell you why you shouldn’t let this deter your plan of finding love online and how you can avoid such cases.


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