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We've compared the most popular tablets on the market, to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Choosing the right tablet is not just about staying within your budget but also determining how you will use it. Your needs are different if you are buying it for entertainment versus professional use or if you intend to replace as opposed to supplement your other digital media devices. Keep this in mind when you compare what each tablet offers so that you end up choosing a device based on those features which are most relevant to you.


Best for: People looking for a particularly smooth and comfortable experience with a plethora of apps that are easy to find and low on bugs. Although other tablets are quickly catching up, this is still the most popular tablet on the market.... Read Review


Best for: Those looking for something in between a tablet and smartphone in size. With an Android Jellybean operating system and a seven inch screen, this is by far the best and most flexible of the small tablets and offers and offers a lot of... Read Review


Best for: Media-junkies of all sorts. If you’re using your tablet primarily to watch tv or movies, listen to music or read books while on the go, this is the best choice. For a relatively low price this provides the best viewing, the fastest streaming... Read Review


Best for: Users who want a smaller sized tablet and are willing to pay a higher price for the comfort and design of Apple products as well as the convenience of the Apple App Store.... Read Review


Best for: Those who want a large tablet without breaking the bank. The Nexus 10 has all the advantages of the most up to date Android OS and is actually slightly cheaper than the full sized iPad.... Read Review


Best for: Its flexibility in hooking up to a keyboard dock and being used as either a tablet or a laptop. This also gives more room for connectors and slots for external devices, SD card slots and an extra battery.... Read Review


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