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Bravenet Overview

Bravenet is a website hosting service that’s been around since 1997. Many people have built their websites using Bravenet and have had success with their websites. Going to the website, it’s easy to see that not only does Bravenet offer hosting services to its customers, but also offers a variety of other services. The hosting section of the website is very clean and very straight forward, providing you with a complete overview of what you will receive when you sign up for web hosting. The unlimited hosting service comes with a lot of perks, including unlimited websites, virus and spam protection, and access to a lot of webmaster tools. Pricing seems affordable and everything is spelled out for you up front so you know what to expect and what you will get.

Ease of Use

Bravenet provides its customers with a lot of valuable resources for building their website and to make it look as professional as possible. One thing that makes it user friendly is the website builder that is right on the Bravenet website. Easy for anyone to use, this builder employs the drag and drop method of creating a website. It allows you to choose from many different templates. From here you can upload photographs, begin your own blog, or even create your own professional website. You can even save some money by using a sub domain and then later you can register your own domain with the service.


There are a lot of features that Bravenet offers to its customers. One thing that many visitors like about it is that it’s free to sign up for the service. The only thing that you pay for is when you sign up for the webs hosting service. The affordably priced web hosting plan includes all of the tools that you need to create a great website for your business or even for personal use. You can even do both, since when you sign up for the web hosting plan you get unlimited website domains. Many people are afraid of signing up for and creating a personal website since it often will cost more. But with Bravenet, that’s not a problem.

Another one of the features that is very handy is the easy to use website builder. It’s simple to use for just about anyone, even those who are not familiar with building websites. That makes it very handy for people who may not be tech savvy and who are concerned about building a website on their own.

Customer Support

Bravenet has a webpage filled with the different types of support that its customers can turn to if they have questions. There are Wiki documents that you can turn to in order to get help with some of the things that you have questions about. There also are some members helping members forums where you can ask other members your questions. If you want to get in contact with Bravenet, you can submit a ticket to ask your question.


Bravenet has a single pricing plan, but it offers its customers a lot for an affordable price. The price is $199 a year and it offers things such as unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and storage, access to a lot of different webmaster tools, unlimited emails, WebFTP for transferring files, rich website stats and analytics, web servers that are load balanced web servers, protection from viruses and spam, MySQL databases and editor, connection and server monitoring, and many other things that every webmaster could want for their website.

The Good

The price is affordable and you get a lot of tools for the low price that you pay

Everything is shown on a single page so that you can see what you get with the price


The Bad

Only one option for a website hosting plan.

The Ugly

The customer service isn’t that great


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