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Canvas Host Overview

When you go to the Canvas Host website, you are immediately given a couple of major messages. First, the company brands itself as the “personal” choice, the company that is going to be there for you and answer your questions quickly and satisfactorily. The second message is that Canvas Host will give you a free .org domain name for a year free of charge if you sign up. Both of these are good places to start.


Ease of Use

The website when you initially sign up looks intimidating, but it is actually easy to use to get the plan that you want. Unlike many hosts, Canvas Host goes through the trouble of explaining the differences between server types so that you know what you need and expect. They also offer several phone lines, including a local Portland number, a US toll free, and a UK contact to help you get started if you need it. The actual servers themselves are easy to interact with, using cPanel to interact with it, and include easy app installation, a free website builder, and free website caching. Most of it is automated and very intuitive to set up and use when you need it.


Most of the features that you will find on Canvas Host are essentially the same features you will find most places, though Canvas Host does a much better job at consolidating many of the key features people look for in a web host. One standout feature is the free year of an .org domain name, which is not mind-blowing but is certainly a nice incentive. It’s like having an excellent meal and being given a chocolate mint with your check.

Customer Support

Not only can you get online support through the Canvas Host website, you can also get email support, fill out a support form or call one of multiple numbers for sales and presales, 24/7 technical support, billing, and spam complaints. If you live in the Portland area, Canvas Host encourages you to simply stop by its offices, listing its address on the website. It’s clear Canvas Host puts customer care as a top priority. As to the quality of service, it is top notch. Canvas Host representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, empowered to handle problems and very fast.


A number of different plans and types of hosting are available for all sorts of needs. The plans can be broken down in to three larger groups: shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting Plans

  • Plan A: $7.50 a month. Includes 3 GB storage, 60 GB bandwidth, 3 hosted websites, 20 email accounts, and 10 MySQL databases
  • Plan B: $15 a month. Includes 6 GB storage, 120 GB bandwidth, 6 hosted websites, 40 email accounts, and 20 MySQL databases
  • Plan C: $25 a month. Includes 12 GB storage, 240 GB bandwidth, 12 hosted websites, 80 email accounts, and 40 MySQL databases

Virtual Private Servers

  • VPS 1: $30 a month, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB RAID 1 Disk Storage, and 200 GB bandwidth
  • VPS 2: $45 a month, 768 MB RAM, 20 GB RAID 1 Disk Storage, and 400 GB bandwidth
  • VPS 3: $60 a month, 1024 MB RAM, 30 GB RAID 1 Disk Storage, and 600 GB bandwidth

Dedicated Servers

Eight plans are for dedicated servers and most of the stats are basically meaningless in this sort of list format, so instead I’d like to discuss them more broadly. Technically, there are four plans, Dedicated Green and Dedicated A, B, and C, but each of those is split into a smaller, cheaper plan and an advanced one for more money. The Mini Green plan starts at $99 a month with no setup fee. All of the rest of the plans have a $100 setup, but that is not too bad considering what you are getting.

The highest level plan, Dedicated C Advanced, runs at $724 a month, but if you need a very robust system with 24 GB of RAM, 3 TB (with a “T”) of disk space, and 2000 GB of bandwidth every month, you’re more than getting your money’s worth with this. In fact, it is easy to make the argument that all of their plans are priced appropriately. About the only drawback is that the add-ons are a bit expensive, so if you go over your bandwidth you may end up paying more than you anticipated. Otherwise, they are more than worthwhile.

The Good

Great personal service

Robust customer service solution

The Bad

There isn’t enough of a discount for paying annually or quarterly

And The Ugly

Limited storage and bandwidth



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