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ClickHost Web Hosting Overview

When visiting the ClickHost website, you might get the immediate sense of triumph. It looks more like a football fan site than a hosting provider. It’s an incredibly useful first impression and it doesn’t take much to get an idea of exactly what it is the company does. Simple WordPress compatibility, domain names.


Ease of Use

ClickHost is a relatively easy-to-use platform. Not incredibly easy, but nothing that a bit of effort won’t overcome. Generally, signing up for hosting requires only a few clicks. Comparison is a snap. Once you have a hosting plan set up, actually getting everything uploaded is not amazingly difficult, but isn’t completely simple, either.

I suppose ClickHost’s web hosting system could be accurately described as archetypically standard. It lets you do what you need to do with very little direction; a bit of playing about before an official launch of your site will help to ensure that all of your settings are in the right place and that all of your web pages are loading correctly.

Even Clickhost’s WordPress hosting, which is one of the big selling points of the system, is straight forward and probably exactly what the average user is looking for. Although more advanced users may find this a bit standard, something like a hot dog stand with a sign prominently advertising that they have mustard dispensers.


As alluded to above, the features offered by ClickHost are not bad. Quite the contrary, they’re quite good features to have.  The free features that are included with all of its plans, such as easy script install, self-directed backup, cPanel interface, account management services, etc. are especially a treat.

What becomes a problem is that these features are treated as if they’re special. In terms of security, ClickHosts seems as good as advertised. However, most hosts provide cPanel as its interface, allow for hundreds of easily installed scripts, etc.  Nevertheless, one feature that is impressive is ClickHost’s 24/7 support. Now that is something worth showing off. It’s fairly rare and recognizes that, in a global communication atmosphere like the internet, you don’t always have the option to wait for Eastern Standard Time business hours. That is the unique selling point of this service. That is what gives it value.

Customer Support

ClickHost’s  primary support is through email, which is pretty standard for the industry. They have a special email address for their highest level plan. It’s representatives were quick, professional and very good at pinpointing problems and providing solutions.

ClickHost also has live chat during EST business hours, a system within your account to take care of a lot of common problems, contacts through most major social networks, and a phone number that you can call. However, the phone number isn’t toll-free. In the age of cell phones and VoIP, worrying about long distance charges to call tech support seems more than a bit quaint. The representatives will still help you quickly and get you working again, however.


Pricing is, again, quite good. The company has three plans: Basic, Better, and Best, that start at $5, $10, and $25 a month respectively, if you pay for three years in advance. If you’re going monthly, then you’re looking at $8.50, $13, and $45 a month for each, which still isn’t bad considering what you’re getting. The Better plan seems to have the best balance of price to value, but all of them are excellent on that score.

The Good

The value you get for what you’re paying is phenomenal

Customer support is quick and efficient

The Bad

Advertises standard features as selling points

And The Ugly

Could do better by trying to find more original ways to approach web hosting.




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