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CoolHandle Overview

In 2001, CoolHandle was just a group of IT professionals that saw an opportunity to optimize its knowledge and experience in the web hosting business. The company continues to provide world-class professional hosting services to its customers with a strong emphasis on data reliability and exceptional customer experience. To achieve that, CoolHandle had to adapt to changing business environments and improved technology. CoolHandle specializes in hosting solutions on Apache and Linux operating systems that are guaranteed for customer satisfaction or your money back.

Ease of Use

CoolHandle takes a proactive approach to ensuring that your web hosting solution meets your requirements by assigning well-trained resources to your hosting environment. A team of service engineers is tasked with educating themselves on your specific system setup, your applications and operating system, then making sure that your daily operations are handled. Should any issues arise, the team will be ready to troubleshoot and solve the problems before they impact the performance and integrity of your data.

The team designated to your platform is dedicated to a select few customers, so their availability to monitoring and safeguarding your particular system’s needs is guaranteed. This approach has worked well for CoolHandle’s customers, and demonstrates a customer-centric web hosting solution that doesn’t dilute the customer’s experience by throwing them into the mix with hundreds of other customers. CoolHandle’s managed hosting solutions relieve you of the duties of setup, deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting, so you can go about your business: taking care of your business. CoolHandle engineers are certified system administrators, so you know you’re getting the best attention from highly-competent, trained staff members.

CoolHandle’s managed hosting provides the comfort of knowing that you’re in good hands and takes a lot of the work out of ensuring that your platform can be deployed in a minimal amount of time, with the least amount of work for you and your business. Allocating resources to such an endeavor can cost your business more than you would pay CoolHandle to do it for you. Plus, your support team is working around the clock to make sure your system is running at full efficiency; even when you and your employees aren’t in the office.


CoolHandle provides a rich set of features with each of its web hosting packages. Its website provides clear, useful information that gives you great insight into what is included with each package: Starter, Business and Pro. CoolHandle uses cPanel Control Panel, which is the most popular control panel, and helps you manage the aspects of your system with great ease and control. Unlike many other hosting solutions, all packages get unlimited storage space and bandwidth, which provides great value for the price. A free domain name isn’t just reserved for the most expensive package; even the Starter package includes features that businesses with less demand can appreciate.

The headache of transferring to a new web hosting solution can be a deterrent for many, but receiving a free, managed transfer means that you have one less major reason not to switch. Free domain transfer, free file transfer and free database transfer is completely handled by CoolHandle staff, so you can focus on other business tasks. DNS management, a web-based file manager, password-protected directories and instant backup and restore are a few more features that CoolHandle customers can take advantage of with any package they select.

CoolHandle also provides a website builder, so you can design and build your website yourself. Software support is comprehensive as well, so web developers fluent in Python, PHP 5, Perl, Ruby On Rails, and CGI won’t be disappointed.

Customer Support

Customer support is critical to a customer’s satisfaction. At some point during the span of a web host’s relationship with their customer, the need will arise for customer support. Many companies realize that a singular, negative customer experience can often override any goodwill that may have existed prior. With CoolHandle, you get the sense that its customer support staff is well-trained and prepared to handle any issue you may have, with grace and energy. The level of qualification its staff has achieved is quite impressive. System administrators are assigned as a team to your account, and that must be a comforting feeling for any customer that chooses CoolHandle as its web hosting solution.


Starter – $29.95/month for unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain, domain privacy, 5 domains allowed, 5 parked domains and free setup.

Business – $39.95/month for unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain, domain privacy, 100 domains allowed, 100 parked domains and free setup.

Pro – $49.95/month for unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains allowed, domain privacy, unlimited parked domains, free dedicated IP address and free setup.

The Good

A team of certified engineers to manage your system

Generous feature set offered for all packages at a fair price

The Bad

Having a demo of the website building software would be a nice added feature for prospective customers

The Ugly

The Business package doesn’t include the cost of a dedicated IP address. An additional $4.95 is required per month


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