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Niche dating sites often bring together two people of a similar race or interest. But with, a common interest is people of other races looking for Asian matches. Although such a pairing seems to be the norm for the network, allows anyone to search for a match of any race. Plus, there’s a button at the top to easily translate all info into 12 different languages, allowing an opportunity for people from all over the world to find love on a niche site!

Ease of Use

With the help of Drag and Drop Site Builder, clients can rest assured that they will end up with websites that look like they were made by professional web design companies. The site building tool allows you to choose everything from color schemes and background images to logos and banners. Once those are done, you simply add content and any additional features, functionalities and design elements that you may deem relevant for your site. Of course, if you still think that your site is not up to par, you have the option of letting do any enhancements for you. Everything will be done for you from ground up. The service might, at times, seem to be a little “too user-friendly,” but to be honest, who would not be happy about creating a great site with a few clicks of buttons?


No matter what hosting plan you choose, lets you have unlimited disk space. Except for the “Basic” hosting plan where you can only host one domain, the other plans offer unlimited domain name hosting, as well. Another cool note is that makes sure that its users have all of the most popular scripts available to them. For those that simply require a blog and nothing else, there is the option of signing up for the purely WordPress hosting. It is cheaper, much more clear-cut and removes the work that comes with all the other complications that would just serve to lag the page load speed.

Another great thing about signing up with is the fact that clients can have an ecommerce site up and running without having to worry about the inner workings. All that asks is that you have the ideas and plans of what you want in your store and how you want your site to work. Once you have that, you can call the company’s support and they will guide you through the building process. will even help with configuring your store’s shopping cart, making sure that it is secure by installing an SSL certificate to build consumer confidence in your store and any other configuration that might need to be done.

Customer Support offers non-stop 24-hours customer support to its clients. You can ask for support via email, online form submission or by telephone. But, unless it is a highly complicated disaster, clients can find answers to almost any lesser issues by going through’s knowledgebase – a vast collection of tech-knowhow. As if that weren’t enough, there are numerous tutorials and user guides that show how everything from logging into an account to advanced configuring of packages can be done. It’s a complete library.

Domain Library
My Business Center


For Linux hosting there are three plans: Basic, Deluxe and Ultra. The monthly prices are $3.75, $6.75 and $13.75 respectively. The disk space offered is unlimited in all plans as is bandwidth and the number of allowable sub-domains.

Domain Pricing also has three plans for Windows hosting with the same names. The monthly prices are $4.75, $7.75 and $14.75. Here too, the features offered are the same as in the Linux hosting plans.

Domain Linux Hosting Plans

What is refreshing about is the fact that, unlike many web hosting sites, both Linux and Windows hosting is offered. While you might say that this is not news, what might come as a surprise is that the Windows hosting that is offered on is at a price that is comparable to the price of Linux hosting for services that do not offer both hosting options.

The Good

The unlimited storage on all plans is something to get excited about

The Bad

There is no hosting option for non-Windows and Linux users


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