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Eleven2 Overview

Since 2003, Eleven2 has been focused on web hosting services that provide its customers with a positive experience, even at the cost of its own bottom line. Their services are responsible for more than 100,000 websites on the Internet, so they know a thing or two about what the customer wants and needs to build and maintain a successful online presence. With four locations across the globe, Eleven2 offers round-the-clock customer service for flexible, scalable hosting solutions that are priced very competitively. With a 60-day money back guarantee, Eleven2 wants you to experience, first-hand, the features, support, dependability and affordability of their world-class hosting solution.

Ease of Use

Eleven2 seems to have done a lot of research and, more importantly — they know what to do with it. With more people and businesses turning to the Internet for cost-effective promotion and growth, there is a high expectation that creating a website will ensure a business’ success. But the reality is that having a website is not even half the battle. Only with a stable and affordable hosting solution, and proper promotion and advertising, can an online presence begin to show dividends. Eleven2 offers Instant Setup, which should be a welcome feature for customers of any skill level. Instant Setup essentially creates your shared hosting account upon payment and provides an email explaining everything you need to do next. Some hand-holding will be nice for beginners and first-time website builders navigating the hosting waters without a life jacket.

The free website builder offered by Eleven2 is a feature that comes as part of any web hosting plan they offer. The site building software is from RVSiteBuilder, and provides a simple DIY approach that makes it easy to build out your website. The fully customizable templates give you total control; even allowing you to import templates from other sources. So, you can essentially migrate any existing templates into RVSiteBuilder’s software, so you don’t have to abandon or lose any prior work you may have done. If you are creating a website from scratch, you will be guided through the whole process with an intuitive interface that doesn’t hardly allow you to mess anything up. Need to make your website compatible with mobile devices? Select a checkbox. Everything should be this easy.


One of the wonderful facets of Eleven2’s business model, is that they don’t discriminate against customers that opt for less expensive hosting solutions. It is tantamount to punishment when companies withhold useful features and support for those who can afford to pay for their premium services. Eleven2 provides a rich feature set for all of their hosting plan customers, and provide in very simple terms what you get with each plan.

As hosting features go, all four plans receive free CDN hosting, and allow you to pick your shared hosting location. 24/7/365 technical support (including phone) is available regardless of plan, which is the true sign of a company’s dedication to customer service. Additionally, daily backups are provided to ensure data safety, as well as 99.99% uptime, free website transfer and cPanel, for managing your hosting features.

Many features that come with any of the hosting plans would be considered costly add-ons with other hosting providers. Furthermore, Eleven2 provides unlimited Email and FTP accounts, unlimited forwarders, auto-responders, mailing lists, spam management and IMAP/POP/SMTP Email capabilities.

Customer Support

Eleven2 must provide considerable technical support resources in order to boast 10 – 20 minute response times to support requests (on average, according to their website). Furthermore, they provide telephone support for all levels of hosting plans, which is a nice surprise for those of us who are accustomed to getting their technical support through FAQ. The support portal provides a wealth of information and makes it very easy to locate it, thanks to a well-designed, clean interface. Knowledge-base articles, user forums and video tutorials are plainly visible and offer customers with a time-saving option to resolving issues. Live chat can also take pressure off of a customer, who may prefer to have a written history of a tech support session. Other than sending a tech support representative to help you in person, Eleven2 does everything it can to ensure that your concerns and problems are addressed in a timely and professional manner.


Prices listed below are for yearly pricing plans. Additional savings can be gained from 2- and 3-year plans.

S-100 – $59.40/year for 10GB storage, 50GB monthly bandwidth, 10 domains, free instant setup.

S-200 – $96/year for 250GB storage, 20,000GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains, free instant setup.

S-300 – $192/year for 500GB storage, 40,000GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains, free instant setup, free SSL Certificate, Free Dedicated IP address.

S-400 – $384/year for 999,999GB storage, 99,999GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains, free instant setup, free SSL Certificate, Free Dedicated IP address.

The Good

Customer support is great, and readily accessible.

Generous feature support, storage and bandwidth space.

The Bad

Video tutorials are not technically videos — simply text boxes being presented as video. Some actual video that follows UI selections would be nice.

The Ugly

The website migration process should be better explained for those who have existing sites they want to transfer over.


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