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Global Host Overview

When you first get to GlobalHost’s website, it’s easy to interpret the company as a big player in the hosting landscape, and in many ways, it is. It’s clear that GlobalHost don’t want to rest on hosting as its chief means of selling a product; instead it tries to offer other services like website creation and business telecom to bring in small business clients who prefer one-stop shopping. Though these are not intuitively logical bundling packages, they strangely seem to work.


Ease of Use

To start with, GlobalHost’s website needs some work. It is difficult to find the hosting plans; once located, they give you very minimal information. Perhaps they are targeting people who are not familiar with the technical specifications they need for their business; but the fact remains that there isn’t enough information provided to understand what each package offers. For example, one branded benefit is “7-minute Support,” but there is no explanation of what that means.

GlobalHost’s website is sadly shorting itself. Once inside, you discover a plethora of benefits that aren’t listed on the website, and it’s very easy to figure out how to use all of them. It is quick and simple to upload files and set up accounts. But all of the features they offer should be listed on their main website; if I weren’t reviewing their product,one might not have a reason to purchase it.


The long list of available features is pretty remarkable, especially considering the prices. It’s a mystery why the company  bothers with the telecom stuff when the low prices for a huge amount of service is incentive enough.

One major drawback is that there are very few additional applications that can be used on your account. Things like PayPal functionality, blogging, and similar add-ons that we have become accustomed to using with most hosting sites are much more difficult with GlobalHost. That being said, GlobalHost offers an exceptionally large amount of storage space for the price, not to mention unlimited bandwidth on all of its plans. Its top level plan allows hosting for up to ten domains. It also includes unlimited POP3 email addresses on even its most basic plan; this can get unwieldy for a provider, so offering it says a lot about their desire to meet the needs of their clients. If you have a big page that you expect will receive a lot of traffic but don’t need extensive security or WordPress functionality, this might be the solution for you.

Customer Support

One of the worst ways to create value in a product is to withhold benefits that could easily be provided. It will inevitably be discovered by users and cause resentment. This is why it is so disappointing to offer “7-minute Support,” which turns out be an answer within seven minutes of seeking help. It makes one wonder whether clients regularly have to wait longer than that. If not, why list it as a benefit?

It also seems that the only way to contact support is through a form on the company website at a page that can only be accessed on certain other pages, but not all of them. There has to be a better way of providing customer support.

That being said, Global Host’s customer support isn’t bad. It’s representatives are knowledgeable and patient, willing to help in any way that they can.


GlobalHost offers four levels of hosting: Basic, Premium, Platinum, and Super-Platinum. They start at $9.95 a month if you pay the year in advance ($14.95 if paid monthly) for the Basic to $39.50 a month annually ($44.95 paid monthly) for Super-Platinum. The price ranges move at a steady pace up, from the Basic to $16.95 ($21.95) for Premium to $24.95 ($29.95) for Platinum and finally to the top.

What’s important to understand about these plans is that you actually get incredible value for the price. Even with the missing features you’re still receiving quite a bit, and with a Super-Platinum account you can run a robust stable of websites without ever having to worry about running into a limit. You just don’t find that often for $40 a month.

The Good

You cannot ask for a better value-to-price ratio than what is being offered here

Features are listed right up front

The Bad

It would be nice to have more access to applications, to allow more options in varying the website design.

And The Ugly

The website is poorly designed, which does a disservice to the company




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