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Globat Overview

Globat wants to be the adult in the room when it comes to Web hosting. From the moment a person arrives on the company’s website, they might notice the no-nonsense approach to advertising. The website is designed to tell people what to expect in simple terms, and despite the design being dated, it does its job well and gives potential customers all the information that they need to make a decision. Couple that with some pretty impressive offerings for remarkable prices, and you have a workable hosting solution.


Ease of Use

While there is nothing spectacular about the intuitiveness of the Globat hosting system, there’s nothing particularly bad about it either. The interface is pretty standard and easy to navigate, allowing you quick upload capabilities and intuitive access to hosting functionality. The website is also easy to use, with clearly designed buttons and forms that make it simple to get started, compare plans and generally decide what is going to be the right decision.


Fairly recently, Globat decided to start offering unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts with both of their plans. This seems like an excellent idea, especially from a smaller operation that is obviously trying to be known for something. It’s never a bad idea to offer unlimited anything with hosting, so this was a good move on Globat’s part. Perhaps more surprising, and what will make Globat stand out a bit from their competition, is that both plans offer a shopping cart app with a certain number of products that can be hosted on a website on the site. That’s a little bit new, something that you can’t find in most other places. And for businesses who are looking to get started online, it’s going to be a major draw. Otherwise, software and media support is good, covering the basics at least, and the inclusion of a number of website builders is an excellent touch.

Customer Support

Another way that Globat is trying to stand out from the crowd is by offering the best customer service possible.To begin with, customer support is 24/7/365, which is key, especially for business owners who never know when they might have website problems. Combine that with both online chat functionality on the website and a toll free phone number for both sales and tech support, and you have the recipe for high quality, responsive service. Globat also has a well-stocked Knowledge Base.

About the only drawback to the customer service is what appears to be a glitch in the wbesite. There is a place that should lead to a support form if you want to contact them through email, and it’s clear where the link should be, but it isn’t there in several instances. Whether the form page went down or someone just forgot to code the links is anybody’s guess, but it’s strange.


This is where Globat really shines, especially considering everything else that they offer. There are only two hosting plans, the GX01 and the GX19. The differences between the two are well conceived and do a lot to distinguish the plans without making one feel like a rip-off.

1. GX01 – This is the basic of the two plans and costs $4.44 a month, though there is an asterisk on the website saying that after the “first term,” the price returns to the regular rate of $9.99 a month if purchased for a year.

The difference between this and the other plan is that it only allows 50 MySQL databases and 15 products on ShopSite.

2. GX19 – Appropriately, this plan costs $19.99 a month, which appears to be its normal price. The differences between it and the GX01 is unlimited MySQL databases and 50 ShopSite products.

Otherwise, both have unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, unlimited domain names that can be hosted and a free domain name with sign up. In both cases, these are excellent deals.

The Good

All of the unlimited offerings are well suited to the plans and pricing.

High quality, 24/7 support is certainly an advantage.

The Bad

It’s a bit confusing when there is clearly supposed to be a link for email support, but it’s not there.

And The Ugly



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