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With over 200,000 websites and clients in over 150 countries, GreenGeeks is a company that knows exactly what it takes to make its clients happy. If websites for companies like Joomla, Drupal and the people behind the “For Dummies” series can rely on GreenGeeks, then you should certainly find a place where your site can be hosted perfectly and securely. Just taking into consideration the fact that GreenGeeks is an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly company should weigh a lot on clients’ decisions to choose to host with this “green” hosting company.

Ease of Use

GreenGeeks offers almost everything without limits and, then, makes sure that webmasters don’t have a hard time setting up their sites. You can design your site by using a free basic starter site. Once you have that up and running, you can then use the free and easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Site Builder. You have a large selection of templates (absolutely free) to base your design on and you can change the way it all looks by applying your themes. When you need to add modules or applications you don’t have to hire a programmer or go online to search for scripts. GreenGeeks offer you various scripts for mailing lists, guest books, image galleries, bulletin boards and even your own help center, which can be made to accept tickets raised by your customers. Do you want to dazzle your visitors? GreenGeeks has Flash available for you. The next step is creating the exposure that is required to bring traffic your way. GreenGeeks has free offers on website submissions to search engines and even a whole marketing package waiting for you. Throw in cPanel as your front-end control and administration application and you know that everything will be smooth sailing. Simply put, you can do almost anything by simply dragging and dropping, copying and pasting.


At GreenGeeks there is only one hosting plan. No confusions, no complications – just simplicity. Within that one hosting plan you get everything that you need to create and host your website. There are no limits in terms of the resources that are available to you. You can use as much disk space as you wish; you can host as many domains as you want and, get this, you get to own your domain name for life. This is something that other webhosting sites rarely offer. Once you have your site planned, everything can be taken care of on GreenGeeks’ straight-forward hosting.

Customer Support

At GreenGeeks, support is non-stop and the tech guys are prepared to help you from the day you decide to host your site on their servers. It’s also good to know that this support is available 24/7. To contact support, you have multiple choices: online chatting, email, telephone or a knowledgebase where you could surely solve most of your issues independently. If you are the kind of person that understands things by seeing how it is done, there are also video tutorials that will guide you step-by-step.

GreenGeeks Help Center


The one and only hosting plan at GreenGeeks comes at a price of $3.96 per month. Within this plan you get an unlimited amount of disk space and can host as many domains as you wish on your single account. GreenGeeks also lets you own your domain name for life. Furthermore, you get as many email accounts as you think you might need. If and when you need more databases, simply create or add them; there’s no limit there, either.

GreenGeeks Pricing

The Good

Simple and straight forward hosting solution for beginners

Increased reputability by being the hosting provider of choice for larger brands

The Bad

GreenGeeks only hosts sites that run on Linux systems

The Ugly

Couldn’t find anything ugly about GreenGeeks


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